Today is no joke for Microsoft, as the company is giving not one but two prime pieces of downloadable content to its players free of charge.

The first is the long-awaited Forge Island add-on for Halo 4.  Here's the description straight from the website: Referred to as the ‘Great Anvils’ by UNSC personnel deployed to the southwestern peninsula of Requiem’s smallest continent, these massive sentinels tower high above the shield world’s warm tropical ocean. The geologic data acquired from these islands has offered incredible fodder for Infinity Science’s Forge group, providing diverse and modifiable terrain for the War Games combat simulations.  (You can add it to your download queue here.)

Meanwhile, if you have the awesome Gears of War: Judgment, you'll get some great new territory to run through, courtesy of Maxim Magazine.  The new Haven game add-on is now officially out, complete with a new map and a new mode, Execution, which really puts your killing skills to the test.  (You can add it to your download queue here.)

Halo 4 and Gears of War: Judgment are available now for Xbox 360.