Bungie have brought out an interesting idea for a new feature in the shape of live heatmaps for Halo deaths.

"Heatmaps are the Doppler Radar System of Death in Halo 3. We're tracking encounters, weapons used and their results in a given game, collecting that data and sharing it with players visually. The key here is 'the darker the red, the more frequent the deaths (or kills, depending on the parameters)'," said Bungie’s update this week.

The feature, which can be viewed on a website that’s constantly updated, may not stay around forever though, as they’re “not entirely sure how it will affect the database and load balancing for our current server system". So, for now, they're processing "roughly half" of the information in your lifetime statistics, "but [will] be turning it up to full power once the feature leaves this beta phase.”

Bungie also announced a few bug fixes set to be released soon,  updates to the matchmaking, hints at DLC and some other stuff.