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H1Z1 Leaves Early Access Behind with New Auto Royale Game Mode

by Josh Hawkins

H1Z1 has had quite a history since the game’s first arrival in Early Access a few years ago. During that time the game has not only changed companies, but it’s also split entirely, offering two totally different experiences for players. The center stage-piece, though, has always been the games battle royale version, which has finally left the confines of early access behind for the green pastures of full release. It hasn’t done so without learning a few new things, either, and fans who pick up the battle royale game can expect the usual frantic, arcade-like fun, as well as a brand-new Auto Royale mode, which offers something we have yet to see in the battle royale genre.

The new game mode, which Daybreak Games was very adamant about announcing today, will give 30 teams of 4 players the chance to hop in vehicles, gather ammunition, and battle it out to be the last vehicle rolling. It’s an interesting approach to the genre, and something that’s sure to prove fun for those who enjoy the more arcade-like battle royale experience that H1Z1 has always offered them.

Some highlights to look forward to in Auto Royale include, two brand new vehicles—a sedan and an armored ARV—new weapons like the LMG, and a new set of power-ups that will help shake things up even more. Power-ups you can find include a repair kit, environmental buffs, fire extinguishers, vehicle armor, smoke screens, better fuel, turbo boosts, and oil slicks to use on your enemies.

You can learn more about the full release of H1Z1 by checking out the developer’s letter on their website, and make sure you check out the video we’ve included above to find out more about Auto Royale and how it will change the H1Z1 experience as a whole.


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