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Guerrilla Shares Info on Aloy’s Journey From Zero Dawn to Forbidden West

by Morgan Shaver

On the PlayStation Blog, Guerrilla Games shared key information about Aloy’s journey from the events and setting of Horizon Zero Dawn to the upcoming sequel, Horizon Forbidden West.

First, Guerrilla reveals that six months have passed between the end of Zero Dawn to the start of Forbidden West. Guerrilla then goes on to talk about how the events of Forbidden West will evolve Aloy’s character even further, saying: 

“This goes for the story as well. It starts with the same Aloy that players fell in love with during Horizon Zero Dawn. But we’ve added new tribes, new companions, and new complications, all of which will force Aloy to change. We don’t want to spoil how, but there are some big surprises along the way! We have no doubt that players will enjoy watching her evolution.” 

Guerrilla Shares Info on Aloy’s Journey From Zero Dawn to Forbidden West 

Horizon Zero Dawn fans looking to gain a little additional insight into Horizon Forbidden West ahead of its release on February 18, 2022 will want to take a moment to read through a new post from Guerrilla Games on the PlayStation Blog.

In it, they talk about Aloy’s journey from Zero Dawn to Forbidden West, some of the things you can look forward to in Forbidden West, updated cosplay details for Aloy, and more.

Starting from the top, Guerrilla notes that six months have passed from the events of Horizon Zero Dawn to Horizon Forbidden West. 

“That story is set to continue in the upcoming sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, which takes place six months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn,” Guerrilla explained.

They go on to note things we already know about, like the fact that Aloy will meet new tribes and will have to fight dangerous new foes. What’s interesting though is that Guerrilla goes on to mention how these situations will change Aloy and further develop her character.

A comparison can be made between Aloy at the start of Horizon Zero Dawn and the end, evolving from a shunned outcast into a hero. Unfortunately, Aloy’s job isn’t quite over as there’s a mysterious new threat for her to face in Forbidden West.

“Horizon Zero Dawn ends with Aloy’s job only half-finished. One threat has been vanquished, but another looks in the form of a strange red blight that’s strangling the land. So in the six months between games, she has been on a mission to discover how to stop this insidious infection.”

It’s then explained that if fans haven’t done so already, they can catch a glimpse of what Aloy has been up to in the five-issue Sunhawk collection from Titan Comics. Story and character development for Aloy aside, Horizon Forbidden West will add to the level of exploration you can do thanks to the introduction of new traversal tools.

“She’s still the same nimble and accurate machine hunter, but we’ve added tons of depth to the combat system. It’s still exciting to explore the world with her, yet we’ve made traversal more varied with tools like the Pullcaster and Shieldwing.” 

Other new features mentioned in the blog post include the fact that Aloy’s outfits will now have skills attached to them in Horizon Forbidden West. In addition, there will be a new Skill Tree on offer. 

Visually, Forbidden West will offer a ton of varied environments and locales. With this, there may be some who are concerned about how the game will perform on PlayStation 4.

In the blog post, Guerrilla also takes a moment to address this, reassuring gamers that PlayStation 4 performance will offer an equally immersive experience to that of the PlayStation 5.

“We actually developed and tested the game simultaneously on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, because it’s very important to us as a studio to ensure PlayStation 5 players get an equally immersive experience.”

The blog post ends with an updated cosplay guide for Aloy which is extremely thorough and detailed in nature. We recommend reading through the blog post if you’re planning to cosplay Aloy in the future, or you already cosplay Aloy and want to make some adjustments to your existing cosplay. 

Overall, the blog post is a fantastic read and we really enjoyed all of the details shared by Guerrilla Games. We’re curious what your thoughts about the details shared, though. Let us know in the comments below, or on our social media channels like Facebook and Twitter!

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