In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a special edition will be coming to Android and iOS, Rockstar has announced.

The unashamedly ‘80s crim-ridden open-worlder was a smash hit and remains a favorite amongst GTA fans the world over. It focused on the high-flying drug-riddled violent world of Miami criminals in the early eighties all the while keeping things comical with Rockstar’s signature satirical stylings.

The iOS and Android edition, coming this fall, follows the massive success of Rockstar’s GTA 3 port last year. While it was impressive to see the first 3D GTA on a mobile device, Vice City boasted a bigger, richer and more graphically advanced world I personally can’t wait to have in my pocket.

Rockstar has said the port will support native high resolution, meaning it could well look better than it did on consoles.

Rockstar will also be releasing a series of “commemorative assets” including unseen artwork and a new trailer with some of the most memorable moments. Collectible giveaways are on their way, as is a selection of new merchandise available at the Rockstar Warehouse.