GTA Online Gets New Spooky Season Update

It's Spooktober my dudes

GTA Spooky Season Featured

Honoring their tradition of bringing new events for each season, Rockstar is bringing another spooky special update for GTA Online in October. Spine-chilling attractions will be taking over the streets of Los Santos during this month as your usual share of Halloween-themed events makes its great comeback, as well as bringing some new additions to the table.

Special decorations are everywhere throughout the city for a while, and there are a lot of bonuses for players who tackle any of the various seasonal activities prepared by Rockstar for this year. The first reward you’ll get is the exclusive Scarlet Vintage Devil Mask by merely logging in. But there’s a lot more waiting for you around Los Santos.

For the next four weeks, players can unleash chaos by earning some double rewards in the Adversary mode Condemned and Survival mode Alien Survivals campaigns. Do you want to make it even better? Adversary mode Judgement Day is here, yielding triple rewards instead. Don’t waste your time and start hunting down your enemies for the best loot.

If this isn’t much of your thing, you can also get extra money through the Special Cargo Sell missions during the event’s period.

Simeon has some new playthings waiting for you, too, so make sure to take a look at his selection. Luxury Autos is also proudly exhibiting some new automobiles, so it’s up to you to pick which of them deserves your hard-earned money. Alternatively, you can earn a Bravado Greenwood (Muscle) by spinning the Lucky Wheel every day up until October 11th.

And since you need somewhere to use those powerful machines, this week’s HSW Trial is your golden chance. New challenges will also show up during these special weeks, so you’ll have a nice share of places to step on the gas. We only get this season once yearly, so don’t miss it!

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