GTA 5 Online: What Should You Buy?

Now that you have the cash, spend it the right way.

The key to being successful in Grand Theft Auto Online involves having a manageable life and getting around. Below are the most crucial things you should purchase when starting off – and later on.

Ammo, Guns & Armor 

Prepare for jobs by loading up on weapons, ammo and armor at Ammu-Nation stores. Upgrading your arsenal is extremely limited at the start – you only begin with the pistol. Level up to roughly Rank 5 (by completing jobs or missions) so you can at least equip yourself with light armor and a sub-machine gun. You have a better fighting chance this way, both in vehicles and on foot.

Get Insurance & a Tracker

At Los Santos Customs, you have a variety of features to upgrade, including Trackers and Insurance. Your first car from Simeon is free, along with these features. Once you snag additional vehicles, you’ll have to pay for their upgrades. 

Trackers will mark your vehicle on the map in every game you join, making it easy to find. Insurance repairs your damaged vehicles and aids with loss and prevention. Call Mors Mutual Insurance to claim it when placed in your contacts. Take note that you can also use your custom vehicles in races, perhaps giving you some leverage.

Get a Garage

After getting a car, you’ll want to avoid the hassle of having it impounded by police when joining a game. To prevent this from happening, purchase a garage from the Dynasty 8 Real Estate. Get one before buying a home since it’s cheaper. For an easy search, browse the Net on your phone and click the Dynasty 8 Real Estate ad. Here, you can check out all of the apartments, houses and garages for sale in the world map. Even better, you can purchase them on your phone and view their stats. 

Buy a Home 


Apartments and houses are labeled with a home icon on your map, and are available for rent or purchase around Los Santos and Blaine County. Instead of spawning on the streets or near players, you’ll start off at home where it’s safe. It’s better to map-out your plans away from others and give you time to assemble your next goal. 

Homes tend to be expensive, so you’ll want to save up your money and purchase one in the long run. Having a crib gives you the opportunity to not only store outfits and such, but also allows you to stash multiple vehicles in garages if available; some carry 10 vehicles or more. According to the game developer, you can also plan Heist missions from your home.

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