Grand Theft Auto 5: The Merryweather Heist – Offshore Option

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Crew: Franklin, Michael and Trevor

Pre-Requisite Missions: Scouting the Port, Minisub, Cargobob

Trophy/Achievement – Subversive (Bronze/20)

100 percent Completion Requirements (Gold)

-Eliminate all pursuing Merryweather enemies.

-Find the container within 02:00.

-Complete within 14:30.

-Escape the pursuing Merryweather enemies in less than 04:00.

After the cut scene, make the long drive from Los Santos to Trevor’s airfield in Sandy Shores.

Playing as Michael, get into the Cargobob and follow the on-screen instructions to deploy the hook. Hover the helicopter over the Submersible until it attaches. Once you’ve got it hooked, fly to the blip on your radar. It helps to get Michael some flying lessons at Los Santos International Airport before this mission, but it’s not completely necessary.

Once you reach your destination, release the Submersible by pressing the right directional pad on your controller. You’ll automatically take control of Trevor. Follow the signal using the Trackify app on your phone. If you’re using the PS3, use the X button (A for the Xbox 360) to dive and the Square button (X for the Xbox 360) to surface. Once you locate the device, you need to hover the Submersible just over top of it. Once the device attaches, head for the surface.

You’ll now be in control of Michael. Hover the Cargobob over the Submersible to attach it again. As you begin to fly back to Sandy Shores, Merryweather will attack.

Switch characters to Franklin, who is manning the on-board weapons of the Cargobob. Fire at the two Merryweather boats giving chase, but don’t worry about them too much. Michael will notify you of helicopters on your right. Use the right directional pad to switch guns. Your priority targets should always be the helicopters since they can follow you wherever you go. Boats can only follow you until you are over land. Keep using the right directional pad to switch back and forth between the various guns, engaging the pursuing helicopters. Try your best to aim for the pilot to take him down fast. Act quickly, always keeping an eye on your radar and listening to instructions from Michael and Trevor.

Once the last helicopter is down, follow the on-screen instructions and switch back to Michael. Fly back to the airfield, maintaining low altitude and head for the green marker. Once you’re on it, release the Submersible and enjoy the cut scene.

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