GTA Online is making a major change to Los Santos in order to crack down on griefers, a move that aims to make the online component of Grand Theft Auto 5 a little more fruitful to navigate without having to worry about higher level players yeeting you into oblivion.

For those that may not know, griefing is a term used in online gaming that usually points to two distinct experiences. The first being purposefully sabotaging teammates in an online game (looking at you, Mei mains) with the second being lower level characters being repeatedly slaughtered by the same player, or group of players simply for 'fun.' Another example could also include camping out on a body so that players can't retrieve their lost gear or simply any means to make the gameplay experience less enjoyable through repeated tactics. Basically, TLDR, it's not fun. 

In the world of GTA Online, this act includes exploding someone's car right after it was modded, dropping massive damage on a player time after time, and so many ways. A common way griefers would prey on others included camping out outside of Los Santos Customs. They'd pounce and they'd collect that fallen player's money. Again, not fun. 

Selling vehicles to LS Customs now direct deposits to bank instead (June 10, 2020) from r/gtaonline

The new changes to the Los Santos Customs were made obvious when one Reddit user took to the forums to detail his experience about how his account balance increased after selling vehicles to Los Santos customs. Instead of cash-in-hand, the transaction deposited the money paid as a direct deposit into the game's bank, meaning it couldn't be touched by griefers. Pretty crafty, Rockstar. 

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Some might panic because you won't see the deposit as a usual transaction, instead it's just a lump sum dropped right in, but this is an awesome chance to keep the game at least a little more legitimate if you ignore the cheaters, the hackers, and the game-breaking glitches. Outside of that, it's great. 

Grand Theft Auto 5, and GTA Online, are both available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and last-gen consoles. Any other ideas on what you'd like to see Rockstar do to make the online part of this game a little more honest? Drop those thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames