Google announced their big leap into the world of gaming during this year's Game Developers Conference, and now it looks like they are gearing up to reveal even more, including launch info, ahead of this year's E3. 

Google Stadia is going to be revealing more launch info, including which games will be available, on June 6th of this year. With the announcements for E3 rolling in on the 7th with EA Play, it's a good timing pick for the company to offer up more details about their upcoming service.

Pricing, games, and more are all expected, and to watch you can check out the livestream event over on YouTube right here

Missed the initial announcement of Google Stadia? Here's what you need to know: 

  • Play across multiple devices, including laptops, desktops, and select phones and tablets.
  • Go from watching a video to playing a game in seconds, with even more innovative experiences to come for select games.
  • Enjoy gaming the way you love, with beautiful HDR graphics and smooth frame rates.
  • No updates, no downloads. Jump right into the game.
  • Stadia's cloud based infrastructure evolves to meet the demands of players, developers, and YouTube creators.

We'll be learning more later this week ahead of EA Play, so stay tuned! 

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