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GOG Konami Code Easter Egg Lets You Play Pong and Snake

by Larryn Bell

Digital distribution platform GOG has hidden a special Easter egg on its website that allows users to play Pong and Snake in their browser. Like with most gaming secrets involving a special code, all you have to do to access this Easter egg is visit the GOG.com website and type in the Konami Code with your keyboard. 

GOG Easter Egg

The official GOG account hinted at this Easter egg on Twitter, eventually explaining the steps in a recent tweet. If you’re a bit rusty and can’t remember the famous Konami Code, here’s what you type: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. You won’t need to press Start, as the website will do the rest for you.

Entering the Konami Code on GOG will take you to a separate page that depicts an 8-bit room decorated in Witcher 3 posters and items. In the center is an old-school television set and game console, with two game cartridges available: Pong and Snake.

Select a game using the arrow keys, then press Enter. A new page will open up that plops you down in front of the TV screen to play your game of choice directly in your browser (with a closer view of the 8-bit Geralt figure and Witcher 3 posters in the background, of course).

Apparently, GOG’s retro Easter egg has been available on the website for quite some time, at least since April 2017, according to an older tweet from GOG. Granted, that tweet was made on April 1st, so users may have assumed that it was some sort of temporary April Fool’s joke. Nevertheless, we’re glad GOG has brought this Easter egg to light once more. It’s doubtful that this Easter egg is indicative of anything else. It appears to just be a nifty little secret for anyone looking to pass the time online while browsing the GOG store. 

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