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Go Cordless with Astro’s A20 Wireless Headset

by Christopher Buffa

Astro is among the most respected headset manufacturers in the world, but some gamers can’t afford its products. To remedy this, the company pivoted earlier this year with the A10, a wired $59.99 headset that delivers quality audio at an incredible price. Now Astro has another headset that proves you can deliver a premium product without breaking our bank accounts.

The Astro A20 headset lets you enjoy wireless audio for $149.99; a Call of Duty branded version sells for $159.99. Initially we thought it was the sequel to the A10 (we gushed over the A10 and use it all the time) but this isn’t the case. Instead, Astro drew its inspiration from the A50 headset, and managed to essentially chop that $299.99 price in half.

The differences between the A20 and A10 are immediately noticeable. For starters, the A20 features a different chassis, and lacks steel band construction; you don’t want to throw the A20 around or bend it into a pretzel shape. That doesn’t mean it’s a step down from the A10, but rather, it was designed to look and feel like a premium product.

A20 battery life is an impressive 15 hours, similar to the A50. Additionally, it uses the Astro Command Center software so you can make various digital customizations. For instance, you can select from three EQ pre-sets, then drag and drop modifications from your PC/Mac directly onto the headset. Adjust the Noise Gate to limit background chatter or the pesky construction work happening outside. Then, the Game Voice Balance allows you to raise volume levels for the people you’re communicating in-game with, or the video game itself. 

The A20 works on PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox.  That said, it does not sync directly with the Xbox One. Instead, you will need to connect the included TX Transmitter to the console, and then the A20 syncs with the former. The reason for this? Astro had to bypass a security chip inside of the Xbox One.

Finally, if you opt for the Call of Duty headset (available in both PS4 and Xbox One versions), you will receive 1,100 CoD points if you purchase the A20 through the Astro website. Astro will deliver the CoD points when Call of Duty: World War 2 comes out on November 3. 

You won’t have to wait long to buy your Astro A20. The headset is available today! There’s also a mod kit coming soon that will give the headset a sleeker look. From what we heard, think black ops type stuff.

We’re definitely looking forward to testing the A20 with some of our favorite video games. Come to think of it, The Evil Within 2 is out this Friday. We hope the spooky in-game audio really shines through this headset while we cover our eyes in fear.