The Unfinished Swan is easily one of 2012's most innovative downloadable games, one that immerses you in a magical world that you interact with in a number of ways as you attempt to solve a mystery surrounding a lost kingdom and your mother.  The team behind the unique game, Giant Sparrow, are just getting warmed up.

The development team announced on its blog yesterday that it's already hard at work on its next big project, Edith Finch.  Only the above image has been revealed thus far regarding the game; we don't even know about any game details as of yet, nor which platform it's coming out for.  (Whispers indicate that it could be coming for PlayStation 4.)  Whatever the final product turns out to be, it's likely to be a dazzling, surreal effort, just like Unfinished Swan ended up being.

We'll bring you further details as they come out about the project.  Chances are we could be seeing more of it in a few months at E3, so be sure to check back.