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Gears of War Judgment Walkthrough – Part 2 of 2

We help you make it through the rest of the game.
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

Pvt. Augustus Cole’s Testimony

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Onyx Point: Fortress

Now it is time for the more charismatic member of Kilo Squad to take over. Head straight towards the Gears symbol and decided if you want to declassify the mission. As soon as the doors to the ship open, prepare for cover! The beach that the fortress sits on is well defended with Locusts in the towers, Grenaders with bows and Scorchers attack, and Drones that want you dead! This is one of the toughest battles yet. With no real strategy, just bunker down behind cover, avoid mortars, and aim for the towers. Once the turrets are eliminated, storm the beach and take out all other grubs. Then proceed to head up the stairs.

Onyx Point: Container Terminal

Follow the beacon through the terminal. There is a Gears symbol on the left that you can use to declassify the mission. Follow the beacon until you are attacked by a wave of enemies. In the middle of the battlefield, there is a Silverback much suit that you can use to completely annihilate your enemies. Use it! It’s awesome!

Use the Silverback to eliminate all of your enemies then rendezvous with your team to end the mission.

Onyx Point: Motor Pool

Make your way through the motor pool and take cover! Boomers and other Locusts are ready to attack! As you make your way up, there is a Onyx ammo cache on the right behind a Locusts barricade. Make your way up the hill; eliminate the opposition as you reach your goal.

Onyx Point: The Cliffs

Follow the path around to the left. As usual you can decided to declassify the mission or not. Continue on the path until you hit a wave of enemy snipers. Find cover by the staircase and use a long range weapon to take them out. Beware of enemies coming down the elevator.

Once all enemies are defeated, head to the elevator and prepare to defend against a new horde attack. Defeat all snipers without cover and make it to the top alive.

Onyx Point: Central Base

Continue down the hallway and decide if you want to declassify the mission. Then, turn the corner to the right and continue down the hallway. Enter a weapons base and gather any ammo and weapon you may want. Then, prepare for battle.

You will encounter a wave of Tickers and Kantus. At tricky combo for sure but if you focus on moving and attacking the Kantus, the Tickers will not be able to do much damage.

After you disband the Kantus, stronger Locusts will show up as well. Keep advance towards the elevator in the far right corner of the map. Take cover and attack and Kilo Squad will move on to their next objective.

Onyx Port: Central Control

There is a sawed off shotgun to the left upon entering the Central Control room. Head towards the blue computer screens in the room and press X.

Head to the left and decide if you want to declassify the mission. Then, activated the highlighted control panel and proceed ahead.

There will be a mixture of Grinders and Drones. Use the Gnasher Sentinel to your advantage. Keep pushing forward and soon Kilo Squad will make it to the end of the room and on to their new objective.

Onyx Port: Beach

Follow the beacon. Activate the Gears symbol to declassify the mission if you wish. Continue to follow the beacon out of the building and towards the beach. Prepare for the onslaught.

You are given a timed wave attack once again so prepare by placing the Gnasher Sentinels at the bottom of each sets of stairs. Also, be prepared to move these during battle if need be to get optimal coverage. There are also two turrets on the left side that you can utilize.

This is the hardest battle yet. You will have to deal with waves and waves of Grenaders, Grinders, Kantus and Bloodmounts. Use various areas for cover to keep moving and avoid being attacked. Once the Bloodmounts arrive, attack them with your strongest weapons, as they can quickly leap behind cover, corner you, and kill you.

While it may be tempting to grab a sniper riffle and find higher ground, you will eventually get trapped. Just find a strong weapon, keep moving, and keep shooting.

After the final wave, Kilo Squad will board a Locusts ship and move on to the next objective.

Lt. Damon Baird’s Final Testimony

Downtown Halvo Bay: Wharf District

As human carcasses litter the streets, you embark on the last testimony of Gears of War Judgment. Head straight up the stairs and towards the large Gears symbol on the wall. Decide if you want to declassify the mission. Continue up the next set of stairs to gain ammo, a Retro Lancer, a Sawed Off Shotgun, and a Marzka if you want, but I strongly recommend the Marzka for this next fight. Then, bust through the gate straight ahead and immediately get into cover. Its time for war.

Take cover and use the Marzka to dispatch of the grubs from a distance. Grinders and Boomers may appear, but with the appropriate distance you should be able to clean through them all with headshots. Just keep and eye on your ammo. Keep advancing forward but remain cautious, as there may be turrets and mortars in the area. Also, don’t find yourself comfortable as a Sniper as the Locusts will advance on your position. There is also a Longshot by the railings on the right in the structure before the hotel. That should make sure the odds are in your favor.  Once you take out the enemies, search the area for ammo clips and weapons including a Onyx ammo cache by the stairs on the right side of the hotel entrance. Continue up the stairs and grab the frag grenades and ammo clips at the top and enter the hotel.

Downtown Halvo Bay: Parade Grounds

Continue forward in the hotel. There is an option to declassify the mission on the left. Then head forward and kick open the hotel doors. You now must travel through the parade barricade and follow the beacon. There is a Marzka sniper rifle available leaning against one of the parade floats. There is also a Cleaver on the far right stuck in person’s abdomen. I would not recommend using that, as it is slow and only good for close range. Grab the sniper, if you don’t have it already. There are also various ammo caches in the area so you can stock up before battle. Also, take a moment to search for sets of Serapede eggs around the area. Destroy them as well just for good measure. Once you are ready, turn the wheel by.

When you raise the wall Dark Wretches, Serapedes, and Corpses may attack you immediately. This may seem hectic but just keep calm and keep moving. Remember to attack the Serapedes from behind and chainsaw the Dark Wretches to save ammo. Take to higher ground and allow your squad to rake out the Corpser. Once all enemies are defeated, refill ammo with caches in the area and open the gate.

There is an approaching wave of Boomers and Grenaders led by a Kantus. You will have time to prepare the battlefield and gain ammo with the Onyx ammo cache to the left of the door you just came through. Baird will shout an order to split up into two’s in order to flank the incoming wave. Grab the ammo if needed in the Onyx cache, then head to the set of stairs to the right of the door you just came in. Then grab the Tripwire Bow and move into position for the next objective.

Downtown Halvo Bay: Upper State Street

The wave will break through a barricade and it is time to attack! Use the Tripwire Bow to set traps for the enemies, especially at the stairs leading to your cover, and then focus your fire on the Kantus. This is about to get really hairy, but cover and focus is the key. Stay up top and attack from above. Watch out for Wretches and prepare to chainsaw them to save ammo. After the ambush, gather any weapons or ammo you may need, and follow the squad to the next location. Here you can choose to declassify the mission or not.

If the fore boarding warning written on the wall warning you not to go to the roof is not enough, there are powerful weapons such as the Marzka, Booshka, and OneShot in the area. The OneShot is the most powerful long range weapon in the game, but it takes longer for it to focus for the shot. The good news is they don’t call it a OneShot for nothing. One shot will take out most enemies. Gather your materials and interact with the sealed door. The beacon will work to unseal it meaning you have to protect it. Pick a vantage point, find cover, and protect the beacon.

There will be a barrage of Ragers and Grinders. Set up the Gnasher Sentinel at the opening on the right side. Then put your back to it and use it as back up while the squad protects the beacon. Setting up the sentinel in front of the beacon may seem logical, but it puts you to close to the line of fire to refill the ammo. Dig in your heels and with strategy from above you should defeat the grubs and move on to the next objective.

Make your way to the top of the stairs amongst the lifeless bodies on the floor. Make your way to the Gears symbol on the wall and decide if you want to declassify the mission. There are some Frag Grenades in the right corner of the room. Grab them if you need and then open the door to the left in the room.

Once on the roof, slowly head up the ramp. The Locusts will then attack. These are your basic drones so take cover and take them out. Once the first wave is done, make your way up the ramp to the next rooftop.

The next rooftop is crawling with soldiers. First, Locusts will grapple onto the rooftop so be prepared to shoot them before the reach the top. You will also have to battle Shriekers. These flying Locusts are a pain but are easy to dispose of.  After you dispose of these grubs, make your way to a larger roof for a serious battle. There are so many Drones that it seems that someone, or something has put a hit out on the Kilo Squad!

These drones are pretty standard so this is a great opportunity to find cover and gain some headshot kills. After you dispose of this wave, gather all the ammo and weapons you may want and head up the ramp on the left. Then a Reaver saddled up by a Beast Rider will attack you. Reavers are about 20 times the size of a normal Locusts Drone. Be careful as both the Reaver and the Beast Rider can deliver devastating long range attacks. Find cover and light the Reaver up from long range. Then head over to the roof where the Reaver was and dispatch of the Shriekers in the area. Once done, collect any ammo or weapons you need and rendezvous with your squad to end the objective.

Downtown Halvo Bay: First Avenue Rooftops

Head towards the Gears logo and once again decide if you want to declassify the mission or not. Then continue forward across the bridge to the next rooftop. Gain all the ammo you may need and then kick through the door and take cover.

Drones and Shriekers will immediately attack you. Pretty standard fair so cover, aim, and fire.

Another wave of drones will attack as well. Make sure you have taken out all of the Locusts on the water tower. There is a small section of cover on the left side of the tower that is just out of reach of the snipers on the next roof. This is the perfect time to gain headshots. After the Locusts have descended from the roof with grappling hooks, head to the water tower to take out the snipers. There is a Mortar and a OneShot to assist you. Once all enemies have been defeated randevous with the team to end the objective.

Enter into the next room and determine if you want to declassify the mission. Head straight through the doors and take cover. A wave of Kantus and other drones will attack. Focus your fire on the Kantus and be sure not to get caught in the narrow path leading to the enemy. Take out the Kantus first and then attack the drones. Be aware that drone will repel form roof tops and grapple onto the roof as well. Take them all out and then rendezvous with your squad at the very top of the roof and prepare to say goodbye to the beacon, who is now named Troy.

There is no time to morn Troy now. Drones will begin to attack directly after the -. After you dispatch them, it is time for another timed wave attack. Place the Gnasher sentinels at the defense points and prepare for another intense battle. You can also decide at this time if you want to declassify the mission by selecting the Gears logo on the wall at the top of the staircase.

There will be waves of Grinders, Boomers, and Shriekers attempting to storm your defenses. Pick a powerful weapon and stay mobile. Keep and eye on your ammo and utilize there other weapons such as the Retro Lancer and the ammo caches to keep your ammo filled. Also, use the Tripwire Bow in the area and set traps in front of the sentinels as a added defense. Continue to check on the sentinels be prepared for any grub that makes it way past.

The second wave will consist of Reavers. Stay calm and focus. With the sentinels still in play, they will provide adequate cover. Once the Reavers penetrate the sentinels, take cover in the weapons storage area and shoot the Reavers. After a plugging them with a few rounds, they will be destroyed and the level will end.

The Courthouse: Grand Courtroom

The testimonies are over and we are back in the present day. Kilo Squad must now fend off the Locusts horde that has been growing in size since the trial began. The – will open end with the squad behind cover.

A powerful wave of drones, Reavers, Ragers, and Wretches will attack and you will have limited ammo and limited refills. The strategy here is to keep moving and using cover. The more melee attacks the better. Concentrate on the more powerful enemies first and you should be ok. When the enemies are defeated, follow the star on the screen and exit the room.

The Courthouse: Halls of Judgment

Gather all the ammo and weapons you may need and head to the door on the right and kick it open.

Head out of the room through the arch way and take out the barrage of Shriekers. Once handled, head down the stairs on the right. Follow the path until you reach a locked door. Chainsaw it open.

Head straight to decide if you want to declassify the mission or not. Then head to the right. There will be a mixture of Grinders and drones in this room. Nothing fancy needed, although some basic flanking maneuvers can allow this battle to pass quicker. Simply fire, take cover, and continue to advance forward. Once the enemies are done head to the door to complete the objective.

The Courthouse: Terrace

Gather all the ammo and weapons you want. Head over to the Gears symbol if you want to declassify the mission. Open the door on the left and begin to descend down the spiral staircase. Wretches and Theron Guards will attack so use the chainsaw to preserve ammo.  Let your squad descend before and take a vantage point from above so you can assist in taking out the grubs from up high.

At the end of the staircase you will enter a longer room. You will be attacked by waves of Drones, Dark Wretches, and Boomers. Take out the Dark Wretches at a distance to avoiding them exploding on you upon death. Next focus on the Boomers and then take out the drone. Proceed to the door at the end of the hall to complete the objective.

The Courthouse: North Entrance

There are very powerful weapons available in this room. Grab your choice before the Locusts bust through the door on the other side. Also at the end of the hall you can decide if you want to declassify the mission or not.

A wave of Locusts will emerge from the door led by Kantus. Take out the Kantus first and then focus your fire on the other grubs. Beware of the Wretches that will break your defenses. Use your chainsaw to make quick work of them.

Next a horde will emerge from the ground. First, close the holes using frag grenades. Then, focus on taking out the enemies. Once you have completely destroyed all the enemies, head through the door at the bottom of the stairs.

The Courthouse: Main Entrance

Head to the right and decide once again if you want to declassify the mission or not. Then pick up any ammo and weapons you may need, and through the door at the end of the hall.

Grinders, Bloodmounts, and Beast Riders will begin to pour in. This is a good time for a shotgun. Get in close, obligate them, and keep moving. Once all enemies are dispatched, head through the door at the bottom of the stairs.

The Courthouse: Great Staircase

Head straight to decide if you want to declassify the mission. Choose what weapons you want and stock up on ammo.  Then vault over the barricade to the left and prepare to make your way to the Raven.

A emergence hole will open at the bottom of the stairs. Close the hole and dispatch any grubs that come out of it. Head down the stairs and to the left.

A huge Locusts emerges, only to get shot in the head by Col. Loomis. Loomis joins the squad as you fight past Kantus, Boomers, and Grinders to get to the bottom of the courthouse. Take cover and fire at the Kantus first, and then take out all the other enemies. Keep advancing forward until all enemies are dead. Follow the star on the screen and head towards the Raven.

The Courthouse: Plaza For The Tyran Dead

Here it is, the final battle. The Kilo Squad has reached their finest hour, and they have Col. Loomis as added firepower. Now it is time to take on Karn and the Shibboleth!

If you choose to declassify this mission, move forward towards the Gears symbol on the left and activate it.

The Shibboleth seems hulking in size but you can take it out pretty easily. First focus on using your sights when fighting the Shibboleth. Whenever it turns red, that is where you need to attack next. First you need to attack the pulsating bulbous behind of the Shibboleth. This can be done from the front as well. Be prepared to dodge his attacks and take cover when needed.

When wounded, the Shibboleth will climb up the side of a building and Locusts grubs will emerge from the ground. This is a great time to refill ammo and find a stronger weapon. I recommend the grenade launcher. Focus on closing the emergence holes and taking them out quick before the Shibboleth returns to the ground.

Next, attack the metal leg of the Shibboleth. Use the grenade launcher and attack his metal leg. Once he is wounded the same scenario from above will take place.

Now, you must take out the guns that Karn is using. Focus your attacks on those to open the Shibboleth up for a final blow.

After this, attack the Shibboleth’s head. Give it all you got! Once you have fatally wounded the beast, a cutscene will begin. Congratulations solider, Kilo Squad has been cleared of all charges and you have beaten Gears of War Judgment!

For Part 1 of our in-depth walkthough please click here.  Also check back often for additonal updates including coverage of Aftermatch and Declassified Mission Objectives!


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