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Gears of War Judgment Walkthrough – Part 1 of 2

An in-depth walkthrough of this awesome new game!
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

Begin the game by deciding if you want to cover the basics of gameplay. If you have played previous Gears of War games, then you are ready to destroy the Locusts horde. Select “I Know The Basics”. If you need some pointers, select “I’m New” and tutorials will appear on screen throughout the game. You can also turn these off later in the “Options Menu”.

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Once you are ready select “Campaign” and select “New” and begin the story mode.

Lt. Damon Baird’s Testimony

The Museum Of Military Glory: Old Town
Head straight through the narrow corridor. Continue down the set of stairs to the left and follow the path. You will reach a chair that is providing a roadblock, but when has that ever stopped a Gear? Hit X to remove the roadblock from your path and continue to move forward. Interactive areas will be highlighted to stand out from the environment. Head to the highlighted beam being used to secure the door on the lift, and press X.

Head down the hallway and turn left. Continue to the courtyard towards the burning tree. Take cover and dispatch of the incoming Locusts. Be prepared to use your Lancer to dispel a few Wretches that might make it through. Continue down the stairs. To your left there is an ammo pack if needed.

Now head to the bottom of the stairs where you can switch one of your weapons for the powerful Hammerburst. We’d recommend the Gnasher Shotgun. Pick up any ammo that the Locusts may have dropped and continue through the courtyard.

Charge down a small alleyway on your left to pick up more ammo packs. Continue towards the flames and destruction and you will come upon your first declassified mission. Complete this if you choose or continue forward.

Take a minute to marvel at the destruction of a Gears convoy. Pick up any ammo packs you may need and continue forward. Prepare to deal with an onslaught of Locusts and Wretches. This is what the lancer is made for! Take a chance to rev that chainsaw up and take out those Wretches up close and personal.

Once the threat has been neutralized Baird will contact the colonel. Search the surrounding alleys for ammo. Follow the star on screen to rendezvous with the rest of Kilo squad. Once you find them waiting, press “Up” on the D-Pad to end the mission.

The Museum Of Military Glory: Riverwalk District

Head through the wine cellar and enjoy Baird and Cole’s banter. Vault over the first set of wine barrels and head to the next two.

Notice a path on the left. Take it to find the Sawed Off Shotgun at the end. Short range, but maximum damage. Continue back to the path. Continue forward to find the Markza Sniper Rifle. There is also an ammo cache straight ahead. Notice the red Gears symbol on the wall. Activate the declassified mission if you would like. If not continue left up the stairs.

Prepare to take on a wave of Boomers and soldiers. Head up a small set of stairs to the left. Turn right and find some Frag grenades.

Gain cover with a vantage point on the top of the stairs. Equip the Marzka to take out the enemies easily. You can also find the Mortar at the base of the stairs and really do some damage. Once the wave has been destroyed, advance up the stairs.

Equip the Markza before reaching the top of the stairs. Turn the corner and find cover to eliminate a wave of Locusts. Be sure to plug any emergence holes that appear with a grenade. After the enemies have been defeated, prepare for a small wave of Tickers and eliminate them. Search the area for ammo and grenades then follow the star to find your squad. Press “Up” on the d-pad to end the mission.

The Museum Of Military Glory: Section 3

Head straight to receive Lancer ammo. Then use your chainsaw to open the door next to the ammo. Continue straight to find another declassified mission. Activate if you wish or chainsaw your way through the next door.

Head straight and vault over the cover and prepare to encounter a wave of Kantus. Focus your firepower on the Kantus while the rest of Kilo Squad takes out the rest of the Locusts. The Kantus will announce themselves through screaming and chanting and also have black ink grenades that can cause continuous damage to those in its range.

Also, be aware of Tickers in the area. Continue to advance the squad forward towards the museum while eliminating the enemies. Once at the top, search the corridors to the left and the right for ammo caches. Prepare to defend your post. A wave of Kantus, Boomers, and Tickers will attempt to advance on the museum. Eliminate them and press “Up” on the D-Pad to end the mission.

The Museum Of Military Glory: Great Hall

After rendezvousing with the Onyx Guards, a timer appears detailing the next enemy wave. You can press the back button to being the wave early, but I recommend that you prepare by arming yourself to the teeth. Head behind you to grab all the ammo and Frag grenades that you can hold. Then position the Gnasher Sentinels around the area for added cover and gun power. You can also begin the next declassified mission at this point as well.

Once all this is in place find cover and prepare for multiple waves of enemies. Be prepared to refill the sentinels with ammo when they are out. Defend the barricades and do not hesitate to move the sentinels around to maximize ground coverage. Towards the right set of stairs, look for a Scorcher.

This flamethrower should equal the playing field. Once the firefight is over, head down the left set of stairs. Enter a small corridor on the left where an emergence hole lies to find an Onyx Ammo Cache that will refill your Scorcher or any other Onyx weapon you may have. Once you have all your ammo, rendezvous with your team. Press “Up” on the D-Pad to end the mission.

The Museum of Military Glory: Kashkur Wing

Collect any shotguns, ammo, or frag grenades that you may want. There is also a Boltok Pistol on in the hands of a dead Locusts. The gun offers powerful force, but with a strong recoil and longer load time. Equip if you choose. Choose to activate the declassify mission or not. Then, head through the main doors. Be prepared for a onslaught of turrets and Locusts behind the doors.

Use your frag grenades to eliminate the turrets first. Then pick up a Boomshield to the left of the entry way and advance towards the horde. The shield will protect you from most shots, but limits your mobility and aiming behind cover. Pretty standard battle that should not pose much of a threat.

After the battle is over, explore every corridor for ammo and weapon caches. Then, rendezvous with your squad to end the mission.

The Museum of Military Glory: East Wing

There is something big trying to get in! Another countdown clock appears to prepare for a enemy wave. Be sure to prepare for it by placing the Gnasher Sentinels around the area for coverage. Towards the left by the sentinel, there is a set of Stem-Gas grenades. These grenades put off a gas that heals allies in the area and will be a big help in this battle.

A wave of various types of Locusts will invade the East Wing. Focus your attacks on the Kantus so they will be unable to revive any of their Locusts brethren. Once you dispose of them, take out any Boomers or Theron Guards in the area next. The wave of enemies may seem tough, but with proper cover and rearming the sentinels, Kilo Squad will be victorious. A huge Locusts creature can be slightly seen, foreshadowing a upcoming battle.

After the battle search surrounding corridors for various ammo caches. Then rendezvous with your squad to end the mission.

The Museum of Military Glory: Archives

Head down the hallway and down the stairs. You can choose to activate the declassified mission or not. Continue heading downstairs and through the archway. After entering the archway, head into a room on the right for Frag grenades, Ink Grenades, retro lancers, and ammo. Then follow the tracks down the hall. Continue to advance down the hall and head through a room on the right.

A wave of Serapedes will attack as Cole humorsly let’s his squad know just how much he hates bugs. The Serapedes have a weak spot at the end of their bodies. You must attack them from behind continuously until nothing is left but the head. Once you have dealt with these, search around the area for ammo and eggs. Remember, groups of eggs can be in emergence holes or attached to the ceiling. Once the eggs are destroyed, proceed through the door at the end of the hall, leading into the archives room.

Enter the archives room. A wave of Serapedes and exploding Wretches will attack. Pretty standard fair. Allow one of your squad mates to be chased by the Serapede and then attack it from behind. Taking them out first is priority.  To the very left of the room is a Mulcher.

While the gun is powerful and able to be mounted on cover, it renders you slow and leaves you open to attack. An emergence hole appears with Locusts carrying Scorchers. Use the Mulcher and keep fire on the hole. One of your squad members should take care of the hole, allowing you to take out the grubs.

To the left of this emergence hole is a Onyx ammo cache and a COG tag. Continue through the hole in the wall that your squad has gone through. Turn left and head to the end of the hall to collect two frag grenades and the Markza. Then head back down the hall.

The Breechshot can be found at the end of the hall. It is a scope less sniper rifle. The Breechshot is very accurate and powerful, but needs frequent reloads. Choose to equip it or not, and head up the stairs to the right. At the top you find a ammo cache. Join your squad to end the level.


The Museum of Military Glory: Vaults

Once in the vaults, you can choose to activate the declassified mission or not. There are various weapons available so gear up and head straight down the hallway and through the door at the end.

Prepare for a very powerful onslaught of enemies. The dust will make it very hard to see so there will be times where you will rush into blind fire. Take cover, keep and eye on your ammo, and take those grubs out!

Once the enemies are defeated, follow the star on the screen and rendezvous with your squad to end the mission.

This ends Lt. Baird’s testimony.

CT. Sophia Hendrick’s Testimony

Halvo Bay Military Academy: Enfield Bridge

Head straight down the ally and through the door on your left. Then, continue down the stairs on your left. Look for a set of ammo before the last set of stairs. Grab that clip and continue down the stairs. At the bottom, there is a ammo cache. Head towards the archway with your team, and choose to declassify the mission or not.

Prepare for an onslaught of Reavers and Beast Riders. Reavers are large flying Locusts that are very powerful. There are turrets available but with the proper cover, Kilo Squad can dispatch of them easily.

After the Reavers, a new wave of Locusts will begin to attack. Advance towards them and dispatch them along with the Reavers. Grab a turret and make short work of everyone. After the grubs are destroyed, pick up any ammo available and rendezvous with your squad to end the mission.

Halvo Bay Military Academy: Courtyard

Enter through the door on the left and continue down the hall to a weapons room. Stock up on your preferred weapons and decide if you want to declassify the mission. Head through the door.

Be prepared as an onslaught of Grinders attack. Find cover fast as their weapons will rip you apart. Focus fire on the guys and with adequate cover you should be ok. Feel free to take the Mulcher in the area for a spin as well.

Once the wave is over, a Rager attacks! Ragers are no tougher than a normal Locusts until they become filled with animalistic rage!

Their skin toughens and turns red, they grow in size, and they are almost unstoppable. Lucky for the Kilo Squad, this state of being does not last long. Keep moving until he is normal, and then give him everything you got. It is also possible to stop a Rager from transform with an appropriately placed chainsaw.

After he is defeated head into the building to take on another wave of Locusts including Tickers and Ragers. When all enemies are defeated, rendezvous with your team and end the mission.

Halvo Bay Military Academy: R&D Labs

Head forward and choose to either declassify the mission or not. Activate the keypad on the wall and proceed through the door. A wave of Boomers and other powerful Locusts will appear so closing the emergence holes is the key. With those gone, Kilo Squad should make short work of the grubs.

Continue through the next room and down a hallway. Activate the keypad and enter the next lab. Go down the stairs and search the room for any ammo packs or new guns you may want to acquire. After that, activate the green switch on the machine in the middle of the room to release the beacon. The beacon is unable to cloak on the grounds of the lab, so you must protect it and get it out of the labs safely. Head towards the star on the screen and then end the mission.

Halvo Bay Military Academy: Monroe Commons

Head up the stairs and on the right you can choose to declassify the mission. Then head to the left and into the next room. You will have to protect the bot form a small wave of enemies. Once you are done, follow the bot out of the room. The beacon will attempt to open a door that is current sealed with steel plates. While it is doing that, Kilo Squad must protect him from the Locusts. A horde will emerge and attempt to destroy him. Keep your back to the bot, and focus your fire on the enemies carrying Scorchers while your squad provides cover fire. Soon the beacon will have the door open.

Follow the beacon into the courtyard for a very tough onslaught of enemies. Boomers, Drones, and Tickers will all emerge to take out the beacon. Priority is closing all emergence holes and staying close to the beacon to protect it from any Tickers that may get to close.

Halvo Bay Military Academy: Atrium

Before you can exit into the atrium, a wave of Boomers and drones will attack. Follow the strategy above and look out for Gnasher sentinels that you can set up around the bot to protect it from those grubs that get to close. Follow the bot into the atrium and you will find the Tripwire Bow. The bow sends out a post that omits a signal. When enemies are close, it explodes. 

Continue up the stairs to the right of the bow and follow the drone and end the mission.

Halvo Bay Military Academy: Crash Site

This is another timed wave, giving you the opportunity to set the scene for battle. Straight ahead there is an option to declassify the mission. Set up Gnasher sentinels by the stairs on either side of the bot and be sure to check them during battle to refill their ammo.

This is by far the toughest battle yet. There are Grinders, Boomers, and Tickers everywhere all sporting weapons like the Scorcher and the Torque Bow. This Kilo Squad will not be easy. There is also not much cover available. Pick your weapon of choice, keep and eye out for ammo, and you should come out of this battle on top.

After the battle is done, follow the bot and the mission ends.

This ends CT. Sophia Hendrick’s Testimony

Garron Paduk’s Testimony

Seahorse Hills: Amador Park

Follow your squad members as Garron Paduk takes over the story. After speaking with your group at the base of the stairs, head straight ahead towards the bright red Gears symbol. Decide if you want to declassify the mission. Then head right and vault over the cover, head to the left, and continue down the street.  

A wave of Bloodmounts attack with Beast Riders. These Locusts are strong and powerful so be sure keep moving and give them all you got. The key is to take out the Bloodmount first, separate it from the Beast Rider. A few Wretches will also attack to complicate the matter, but Kilo Squad should be able to handle this without problem.

Continue up the road and dispatch a wave of Wretches and Drones. To the right of the cover there is a Onyx weapon cache. Continue to a locked gate on the right side of the street and open it.

As soon as you open the gate, a Corpser will attack you. These Locusts are very powerful and can use their legs to defend from attacks. Allow your squad to draw it in then circle around and destroy it.

A wave of Drones controlled by multiple Kantus. Focus your fire on them to prevent resurrection and eliminate the rest. When all enemies are defeated, collect any ammo and weapons you want and head to the star marker on the screen. Rendezvous with your squad and end the mission.

Seahorse Hills: Magadha Villa

Paduk is uneasy about trusting the man you are looking for as he developed the weapon that burned half his body. Head up the stairs and determine if you want to declassify the mission with the symbol on the all. Vault over the cover and head down the path. Ignore the gate on the left and stock up on retro lancers and sawed off shotguns if you choose. Once you are armed, head through the gate.

Head left through the gate to find a Torque Bow and equip if you so desire. Then head up the stairs into the building and prepare for an onslaught of Boomers and Grenaders. Once they are defeated exit the building and eliminate a new wave of Boomers, Grenaders, and Wretches. Once they have been dispatch pick up any ammo clips you may need. There is also a Onyx ammo cache at the base of an empty pool behind the fountain. Then randeavuz with your team and end the mission.

Seahorse Hills: Soleno Villa

To the right of Paduk there is a the option to declassify the mission. Make your decision and then head up the stairs. Once you hit the top, be prepared to fight.

Eliminate the Kantus first as always to prevent resurrection. Work your way through the rest of the Drones and the Wretches and then prepare for a wave of Theron Guards. They will have their shields, which means you must be more tactical. Allow your squad members to draw them in and then attack them from behind. A good chainsaw approach would work well here as well as boost your star rating at the end of the mission.

After they are defeated make your way into the next room. Go to the right and retrieve the Mulcher to handle the next wave of enemies, you will need it. Ragers attack next alone with Drones. Keep cover and use the Mulcher to eliminate the Ragers. Once all enemies are defeated, rendezvous with your squad and end the mission.

Seahorse Hills: Windward Way

Follow your squad and approach the Gears symbol on the wall. Determine if you want to declassify the mission. Continue into battle but be careful, the Locusts have created their own barriers. Dispatch the wave of enemies and then head down the street and to the right.

You will need to saw through the boards and continue.

Be careful to avoid the barriers. Just let your squad take them out. Vault over the cover on the right.

Stop the mortars from destroying the house. Once the enemies have been defeated, head straight towards the secret entrance into the house. There will be waves of Locusts including Bloodmounts and Beast Riders. Remember to hit the Bloodmounts first and stay on the move as they can jump behind your cover and cause serious damage. Also be aware of the Locusts in the tower ahead. Once all enemies have been dispatched, collect the Onyx ammo cache under the tower and any other ammo you may need in the battlefield. Rendezvous with your squad to end the mission.

Seahorse Hills: Risea Estate

Determine whether or not to declassify the mission. The continue forward. To the left there is a Longshot sniper rifle that you can choose to equip. Vault through the opening in the wall and prepare for a another attack from a mortar.

Cover is a must as the mortar can hit at any moment. Try to remain under a structure that protect from overhead strikes without being cornered by a Grenader or Theron Guard. Once they have been neutralized, use the Longshot to dispose of the mortars on the room.

Once all enemies have been destroyed, gather up some ammo and rendezvous with your team to end the mission.

Seahorse Hills: Guest Bungalows

Now all that is left is to defeat the last mortar squad and find the scientist. Head straight towards the Booshka. This explosive UIR grenade launcher is powerful but suffers from short ammo and longer refill times. Decide if you want to declassify the mission and then continue forward.

You will now not only have to deal with mortars, but also waves of Bloodmounts and Beast Riders! Focus your fire on the Mortars to eliminate them first. Hopefully you grabbed the Booshka from earlier. This will allow you to find save cover and dispatch of the mortars. After that, focus on the Bloodmounts and the Beast Riders will fall. You then must make your way up to the area where the mortars are and eliminate the incoming Locusts horde. With either the mortar or the Booshka, this should be easy.

Next, what appears to be a Shibboleth emerges from the ground! Normally this would be a big deal but with four Kilo Squads packing mortars and a Booshka, this battle is a piece of cake.

After it is defeated, collect all ammo clips and weapons you may want. Rendezvous with your squad and end the mission.

Seahorse Hills: Elliott’s Mansion

Hurry through the gate on the left and down the stairs. Cross the bridge and go right into the tunnel.

Enter Dr. Elliott’s office to find him dead at the table. Decide if you want to declassify the mission. If not, continue forward.

You will encounter a wave of exploding Wretches. Dispose of them and collect any new weapon in the room that you may want. Then move forward with your squad.

You will be presented with a timed wave attack. Use the Tripwire Bow to set traps all around the mansion to protect the beacon. Then prepare to defend against a wave of Locusts. Keep and eye out on for the Tickers as they can easily slip by defenses.

After this wave, a much tougher one approaches. This wave of Grinders, Bloodmounts, and Beast Riders are tough. Be sure to stay close to a squad member in case either of you needs to be revived. Go around the to the opposite of the room and destroy the mortars first.

Then take out the Bloodmounts before the Theron Guards and Grinders show up. Keep an eye out for ammo caches as well, you will need them.

Stay focused because as soon as the wave of enemies begins to then, a old enemy emerges. The Berserker is here! The only way to defeat the Berserker is by setting it on fire. Eliminate all other threats, grab a Scorcher from a defeated enemy, and light that baby on fire! Be sure to stay out of the way of her charge attack. Keep blasting her with fire and soon, she will be defeated and the mission ends.

Have you caught your breath yet? Click here for Part 2 of this walkthrough of Epic’s epic new title.

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