Dave Bautista is officially in Gears 5 and the team over at Xbox are showing off more about what fans can expect in-game. Earlier this week, the team behind the upcoming Gears of War title confirmed Bautista's role with a short clip claiming "it's about f*cking time." While many were excited, we only had his live-action confirmation. Luckily, the in-game shots followed soon after: 

"Adding Batista to Gears 5, we started with the fantasy of 'Batista as Marcus,' putting Batista into Marcus' armor, and starting with Marcus' script," said Gears' Rod Fergusson in a recent Xbox blog post. "Then we added elements of "The Animal" Batista into his voice performance and onto his look by adding his signature Hollywood shades to his character.  Batista was great in the booth and I can't wait for Gears and Batista fans alike to stomp some Swarm as The Animal."

Dave Bautista has been a strong name in the wrestling world for quite some time now and in recent years has made a major splash in film as well, most notably his time as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy. With a Gears of War movie on the horizon, the wrestler-turned-actor has stated numerous times that he wants to play Marcus Fenix in the upcoming adaptation - he certainly looks the part - and while we still don't have confirmation on that, we do at least get to see those pecs in Gears 5 coming soon. 

As for the latest game itself, Gears 5 is available on Xbox One and PC on September 6th! Are you excited?