Ever wanted to own a rooster hat?  Wearing one of these not only reminds you of your childhood, but makes you want to pull out a keyboard and create other objects out of thin air (obviously)!  Thus is the way of the Scribblenauts.

Now you can get one of your very own.  GameStop has announced a special pre-order program for the forthcoming Wii U/3DS game Scribblenauts Unlimited, which is coming later this year.  Putting some cash down on the game will gain you access to one of three spectacular rooster hats -- either Maxwell's classic red, alternative blue or Lily's awesome pink model.  We could easily see these being hits at shows, like, say, this week's PAX Prime.

For good measure, GameStop has also announced a special 3DS bundle that will include a copy of the game, along with a Maxwell silicone case and a pencil-shaped stylus.  No word yet on pricing, but it's probably not going to be much more than the original release.

Check out our preview of Scribblenauts Unlimited and check out the game when it arrives later this year!