It's no secret that "crowdfunding" has picked up quite a bit over the past year, with game developers and filmmakers turning to their fans in order to fund their dream projects.  Nintendo has decided to make fun of the trend by launching its own special little funding site for the upcoming Wii U game Game & Wario, but you won't need to donate any cash.

The site, called Crowdfarter has Wario explaining that all you'll need to do to help him meet his goal is Tweet or 'Like' the page.  Doing this will unlock various rewards just as you would on a real crowd-funding site, including a Wario voice ringtone, a new trailer, and a virtual wallpaper.  Thankfully, none of them really fart from what we could tell.

You can visit the site and check out a new trailer for the game here then donate to Wario's cause and help him achieve his goals.  It's either that or he'll probably fart down your chimney and NO ONE WANTS THAT.

Game & Wario will be released sometime this Summer for Wii U.