Game Grumps is hilarious. They are ... absolutely hilarious. This group of content creators have given us pure comedic gold for years, even gave us the gift of Dream Daddy, and now they are extending their talents to the very controversial sex game: House Party.

For those that may not know, House Party is a game that was taken down from Steam, for a time, because it was simply too pornographic. This comedy-centric title has loads of fans, and loads of loathers, but now it also has the gift of Game Grumps because a new update has just gone live, despite limited accessibility. 

Game Grump hosts Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson have officially joined the (House) party in the latest update as NPCs. According to the studio behind the game, "In this feature-packed update, you’re going to see the Game Grumps in a brand new original adventure that changes with every playthrough. And every line of dialogue, all 300+ lines of it, has been voiced by the Grumps themselves.

"As mentioned above, the GG storyline is dynamic and your playthroughs may contain interactions and experiences someone else has yet to see in their playthroughs. The Grumps serve in an extended cameo role, meaning you’ll see them pop in on existing content with that trademark commentary they’re so well known for."

"There’s nothing you can’t try with these guys. Well, except for the sexier parts of House Party. We dare not sully the image of thy Grumps. Other than that, we’ve designed this experience to be really expansive. Dan and Arin will have something to say about a lot of things you can do in House Party."

In addition to the duo's inclusion, a few other changes have occurred: 

  • Several previous storylines now have more pathways to add to more organic progression.
  • Inventory management has been completely revamped. No more scrolling to find what you need!
  • The Custom Story Browser is now available in-game, allowing you to download and play user-created stories from directly within House Party.
  • Intimacy animations and hand placement on objects now look more natural. Hold dem beers, boiiii.

You can learn more about the latest House Party update right here through the Steam page, you know - since it's back up and running.