Funko Fusion Is An All New Action Adventure Game For the Sickos

When will it end?

If you’re an avid Funko Pop collector, well, do we have something for you. Funko Fusion blends plenty of properties together in a crossover of miniature proportion. Developed by 1-:1- Games, Funko Fusion takes franchises such as The Thing, Umbrella Academy, Back to The Future, and more, and mashes them together in a brand-new game.

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Funko Fusion Is An All New Action Adventure Game For the Sickos

If you’re the type of sicko who loves multimedia collaboration with action figures, then you’re in luck. All of your favorite franchises will be included in Funko Pop form, with their dead little eyes and no soul.

The game will feature online multiplayer, allowing up to four players to team up and explore, battle, and solve puzzles.

You can check out the full trailer for Funko Fusion below. The game currently has no release date but will be coming to PC and consoles sometime in 2024.

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If you’ve ever wanted to see He-Man team up with Number Five from The Umbrella Academy, that hyper-specific dream will now be a reality.

In the trailer, we see a few players teaming up, and one of them has a flamethrower. We’re not really sure what’s going on, but it seems like the sickos will have some fun with this.

In a world filled with every crossover under the sun, what’s one more in the grand scheme of things?

Stay connected with everything video games news, reviews, and guides right here at Prima Games. I’m sure this won’t be the last time we talk about Funko Pops on this website. So stay tuned for that, too, I guess.

Funko Fusion will be available sometime in 2024 and will release on PC and console. No consoles have been specified yet.

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