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Friday the 13th Game Database Login Failure Explanation

by Bryan Dawson

The Friday the 13th game is finally here, but a lot of people have been having problems getting into games because of the Database Login Failure error. This article covers the Friday the 13th game Database Login Failure players have encountered, and what that means. We’ll also take a quick look at what to do when the Friday the 13th game servers are down, and when players should expect the game to be functioning properly. There’s no way to know the Friday the 13th game server status at the moment, but you can check the developer’s Twitter account linked below for updates on the Friday the 13th game servers when they go down or come back up.

Database Login Failure

If you’re getting the Database Login Failure when trying to play Friday the 13th, that means the game servers are down. Unfortunately, the small development team wasn’t ready for the massive interest in the title and that has caused them to be somewhat unprepared. The development team is aware of the issue and is actively working to correct the situation. Restarting your game to make an attempt to connect to the servers again can help the situation, so don’t be afraid to spam that retry option. However, the developers have now stated this may have no effect as well, so they’ve said it works and it doesn’t work. From our experience it seems to have some impact on PC, but doesn’t work as well on console.

To get up to the minute details on when servers will go live again you can keep an eye on the official Twitter account for Friday the 13th: the Game. Keep in mind the development team is small and it takes time to correct some of these issues. However, the team is on it and servers should be up and running later today.

At the very least, players on all platforms should be hacking and slashing or running for their lives by the end of the day so they can enjoy their weekend playing Friday the 13th. While you wait for the servers to come back online, check out how you can stay alive or even how to take down Jason himself in our Friday the 13th game hub!

Bryan Dawson

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