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Free PS Plus June 2020 Games Lineup Revealed

by Liana Ruppert

PS Plus members can get a popular Call of Duty title for free this month in addition to a second title just revealed for the month of June. The PlayStation Plus membership is a monthly subscription that unlocks the ability to play online with others while also giving the gift of two free games on a monthly basis, making it a membership steal worth investing in. So what free PS Plus games are up for grabs for June 2020? Let’s dive right in before you get shooting. 

PS Plus June 2020 Lineup

The first game available is available to download today, for free, is Call of Duty WWII. This entry brought the franchise “back to its roots” with revised gun mechanics that were hailed for their accuracy and precision, especially for those that favor a solid sniper rifle. 

The second game is technically unconfirmed at this time, though we’re expecting the official reveal later today, and it’s an entry that we’ve cleared through our own sources as well: Star Wars Battlefront II (via). With Battlefront II having its last major expansion update in May, it makes sense that EA would want to bring in more players by making the title free for a limited time. But don’t worry; if you claim it and you keep that membership active, it’s yours to keep forever and ever. 

Some may be wondering why just the two, especially since Sony used to give away quite a few games to enjoy, including Vita and PlayStation 3 titles. Sony made the decision to cut down its free game offerings to two titles a month in favor of sticking with current-gen titles since they don’t offer true backwards compatibility at this time like Xbox does. You can play older games, but you’re going to have to re-buy them, unlike Microsoft where it’s a simple update and then you can go back to older favorites.

The move to downsize while keeping the membership price the same has some PS Plus members frustrated with the lack of highly desired titles or old titles being offered up.Luckily, this month will appease some of those concerns, because both titles are AAA and have evolved into solid gaming experiences, despite Battlefront’s very rocky launch.

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For the gamers that have an active PlayStation Plus membership, the PS Plus June 2020 lineup is yours to keep for as long as that membership remains intact. If the membership expires, Sony will remove any PS Plus downloads from your library and they will be made inaccessible, so make sure to keep that service going to a avoid library disruption. 

What do you think about the PS Plus June2020 lineup and the months leading up to this? Do you think Sony should lower the membership costs with the cuts made over the past year to the benefits of this membership, or are you just thankful to get monthly free games? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we’d love to hear what you think and what your predictions for July will be! 

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