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Free BoxBoy + BoxGirl Demo Is Now Available On Nintendo Switch

by Liana Ruppert

Get ready for a new co-op adventure because BoxBoy + BoxGirl is coming soon to Nintendo Switch with a free demo for players to try out. The latest adventure to launch for the hit BoxBoy puzzle franchise will be releasing exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, challenging players to think outside the box when approaching puzzlees. 

Players can work together, or alone, in order to take on a variety of challenges while taking on the familiar style that BoxBoy is known for. The full game releases on Nintendo Switch on April 26th, though a free demo is available starting today in the Nintendo eShop for gaming goodness to take on the go with the help of the beloved hybrid console from the Big N. 

With over 270 puzzles for players to take on, the latest entry marks a lot of firsts for the series. With co-op starring “star-crossed boxes” Qbby and Qucy and more stages than ever bfore, the main story will offer a feeling of accomplishment not only for puzzle completion, but also for what the story itself has in store. 

You can check out what the free demo will offer in the video at the top of the article. Try it before you buy it when the full title launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch in the eShop on April 26th. 

As for the series itself, BoxBoy first made its debut back in 2015 from HAL Laboratories on the Nintendo 3DS. It was simple, easy to learn, and was meant to mimic the style that so many loved when playing the original Game Boy. 

Liana Ruppert

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