France Retirement Protests Have Stormed Their Way into Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing activists hosts digital protest in solidarity with French protestors

Earlier this month, French citizens took to the streets in defiance after President Emmanuel Macron pushed through legislation to raise the retirement age. This legislation would lift the retirement age by two years, from 64 to 66.

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France Retirement Protests Have Stormed Their Way into Animal Crossing

The response was immediate. Transportation workers, teachers, the old and young all took to the street. The Interior Ministry of France estimated that over one million people joined the protests, while one of the main labor confederations, the CGT, which is at the heart of the strike, estimated that over three times that number took part.

French citizens and allies who want to show their support but can’t join the crowds have found an alternative way to protest: Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

On Reddit, user Majhinell posted a screenshot of their island, which displayed a crowd of protestors, cars, and even a small fire. The scene was as reminiscent as possible of the actual French street protests, albeit in ACNH’s bright and cheerful color scheme.

In their post, Majhinell urged others to gather in protest and unity in front of Tom Nook’s shop.

Tom Nook’s store is an excellent place to hold a protest. There’s no better representative of someone happy to exploit the working clan than Nook, as this Tanuki is infamous for saddling you with debt the moment you step into any Animal Crossing game. Macron similarly stated that the pension changes were needed to keep money circulating in France to stave off an increased deficit.

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Protestors argue that forcing the oldest members of their country to work is not the answer to the deficit crisis. Instead, they’re pushing for higher taxes on the rich.

Those who wish to join the protests or start their own are urged to join the Discord. The Discord offers not only solidarity to the cause but codes that will grant you access to the CGT pattern, which can be used on both clothes and signs.

Animal Crossing isn’t the only game that’s gotten political. MSCHF, an American art collective, has created a game that’s a direct critique of Turbo Tax and corporate lobbying here: Let a Waifu File Your Taxes in This Anime Dating Sim.

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