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Four More Classic Games Come to Nintendo Switch Online on September 23

by Lucas White

Nintendo’s retro offerings are all over the place on the Switch. But for now, new games are still trickling out. Nintendo is no longer sticking to a schedule when it comes to the NES and SNES apps, but that means new content can come at any time. In this case, Nintendo announced a new volley of games is coming very soon, on September 23, 2020.

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There are three games coming to the SNES app, and just one coming to the NES app. On the Super Nintendo front, we’ll be seeing Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest, Mario’s Super Picross and The Peace Keepers added to the library. Over on the NES app, the bafflingly-titled S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team will make an appearance.

Most notable here is, much like Panel de Pon and Super Puyo Puyo 2, Mario’s Super Picross was a Japan-only release until now. Like the other games the ROM isn’t translated here, but it’s the first time an official channel in the west has released this game. Developed by Jupiter, which still supplies Nintendo with Picross games to this day, Mario’s Super Picross is a sequel to the Game Boy original, which actually did get localized way back when.

Picross isn’t the most user-friendly experience, so if you’re trying the genre for the first time with Mario’s Super Picross, Nintendo has already released a video showing you how to play the game without being able to read the in-game text. Check it out:

As far as the other games go, Donkey Kong Country 2 needs no introduction as one of the best platformers of its era. The Peace Keepers is a strange brawler with cool wrestling moves and other wacky characters, although it’s a heavily localized version of its original Japanese release. Technically this is part three of the Rushing Beat series, which also includes Brawl Brothers. Rival Turf! Was the first of the three, but hasn’t shown up on the new app yet (we can probably expect it eventually, though). S.C.A.T. was the localized title for Natsume’s Final Mission, a side-scrolling shooter in similar vein of Contra. Despite the bizarre title change, this game is rock-solid and features a dope soundtrack.

Are you excited about any of these games in particular? Or are you just chuckling to yourself about the accidental implications of the Special Cybernetic Attack Team? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!