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Fortnite v4.5 Content Update Adds the Drum Gun to Battle Royale

by Larryn Bell

The latest content update for Fortnite went live today, introducing a new weapon to Forntite Battle Royale called the Drum Gun, a 1920s-style weapon that coincides with the release of the new Hardboiled character skins for Battle Royale. The v4.5 content update also adds a number of items to Save the World, including the Freedom Herald Pistol as well as the Stink Bomb, which was already added to Battle Royale in a previous patch.

Drum Gun

Fortnite Drum Gun update

According to the Epic Games blog, Fortnite’s new Drum Gun is a hybrid weapon that combines suppressive fire capabilities with the stopping power of a rifle and fast fire rate of an SMG. The Drum Gun looks similar to an old Tommy gun, which makes it fit perfectly with the new gumshoe-inspired Hardboiled outfits for Battle Royale.

The Drum Gun will be available in Uncommon and Rare variants and will use Medium Ammo. The Drum Gun holds a clip of 50 rounds and has a 26/27 base damage. Look for the new Drum Gun on the floor, within chests, and in Vending Machines in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Save the World Star-Spangled Skins

Fortnite Star Spangled Skins

Fortnite’s v4.5 content update also adds a handful of star-spangled customizations to Save the World, just in time for the July 4th holiday. This includes the Stars and Stripes Constructor and Outlander, two new Heroes that are now available in the Event Store. The Freedom Herald Pistol is also available for players who want to launch firecrackers off of walls for the holiday.

The latest content update arrives just after the reintroduction of the Playground LTM in Fornite, a low-stress environment where players can enjoy the Battle Royale map without being in a competitive setting. 

In other Fortnite news, a number of rift portals have been opening up to consume various objects across the map in Fortnite, including Tomato Town’s iconic Tomato Man. Keep an eye out for more rift portals in Fortnite to find out what object will disappear next. 

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