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Fortnite Update v3.6 Adds Clinger Grenade and Noble Launcher

by Larryn Bell

Be sure to fire up your Epic launcher, because Epic Games rolled out another quick update for Fortnite earlier this morning. Fortnite patch v3.6 introduces a brand new sticky grenade to both Battle Royale and Save the World, alongside various bug fixes and adjustments across the board. We’ve listed some of the main highlights of today’s Fortnite patch below.

Clinger Grenade

The Clinger is a new type of grenade that is now available in both Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World thanks to today’s update. As a plunger with a bomb attached, the Clinger is essentially a sticky bomb that will cling to any surface it is thrown at. Once it clings to a player or surface, the Clinger will explode after a short duration. These grenades also cannot explode mid-air.

Players can find the Clinger inside Supply Drops, Supply Llamas, and Treasure Chests, as well as on the ground as Floor Loot. The Clinger’s rarity is Uncommon, which should means it shouldn’t be to hard to come across these sticky bombs if you loot thoroughly.

Noble Launcher

Starting April 25, Fortnite players can look forward to a new energy weapon in Save the World called the Noble Launcher. The Noble Launcher is a heavy weapon that blasts a wave of piercing energy at unsuspecting Husks. It has three charge states: Uncharged, Moderate Charge, and Max Charge. Use this energy weapon against elemental enemies to maximize its effectiveness in PvE.

Fortnite Noble Launcher

Self-Service Cosmetic Returns

Fortnite’s v3.6 patch added a new self-service return feature that would allow players to refund V-Bucks that they spent on in-game content. Only eligible purchases made in the last 30 days could be returned, and players could only refund items up to three times in the lifetime of their account. 

Unfortunately, Epic has since disabled the self-service refund feature  due to an issue that affects usability. Once Epic sorts out a fix, the self-service refund feature will return in a future update.

Various other bug fixes and changes were made across the board for Fortnite Battle Royale, Save the World, and Fortnite Mobile in Update v3.6. To see the full list of changes, head over to the official Fortnite v3.6 patch notes on the Epic Games website.

Fortnite Season 3 is almost over, which means players have less than a week to finish up their Battle Pass and unlock its rewards. Head over to our Fortnite Weekly Challenge Guide for tips on how to complete some of the most difficult weekly challenges from Fortnite Season 3.

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