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Fortnite Update Features XP Improvements and the Return of the OG Chug Splash

by Morgan Shaver

If you’ve been struggling to earn XP during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, trust us when we say you’re not alone. We have been having some difficulty with it as well. Fortunately, a new update has added a few key XP improvements that should (hopefully) make it even easier to level up and earn Battle Stars. 

The update also reintroduces the OG Chug Splash along with a new version called the Chili Chug Splash that acts like a regular Chug Splash with the added speed boost you’d get from a Pepper or Spicy Fish.

Other items of interest in the update include the Rail Gun being removed from competitive playlists, the return of the Hunter’s Cloak, the addition of 20 new Toona Fish styles, and more! 

Fortnite Update Features XP Improvements and the Return of the OG Chug Splash

The latest update for Fortnite is a big one, tackling things like XP issues while also adding a few fun things to the game for players to enjoy. Starting with the XP issues, a few adjustments have been made to hopefully make it easier for Fortnite players to earn XP.

As for what these adjustments are specifically, here’s the full list: 

  • XP earned from your Daily Punchcard missions has been greatly increased.

  • We’ve added XP to all Shared Quests. (They still reward Bars too.)

  • All new and future Character Punchcards have substantially increased XP rewards.

  • Weekly Punchcard XP has been slightly reduced. This was done to lessen the setback of not completing them.

Among the big fixes here is a huge increase to XP earned via Daily Punchcard missions and the addition of XP to all Shared Quests. It’s also nice to have confirmation that future Character Punchcards will offer more XP. 

Outside of XP adjustments intended to make it easier to earn XP and earn Battle Stars for Battle Pass rewards, new Bonus Styles were added to the Battle Pass for players who pass Level 100. 

Not only this, but new Season’s Super Level Styles have been added for players who progress past Level 140. Those who do so will unlock new runic Styles for Charlotte, Kor, Fabio Sparklemane, J.B. Chimpanski, and Torin.

As part of the Toona Fish aspect of the Battle Pass, 20 new Toona Fish styles were also added as part of Fortnite’s latest update with more reportedly on the way.

“With 20 new styles to collect immediately (and one we can’t talk about just yet), there’s a ton more options to color Toona Fish your way!”

For those interested in things other than the Battle Pass, the Chug Splash has been reintroduced to the game with a new variant called the Chili Chug Splash on offer as well which works similarly, but also adds a speed boost similar to that of a Pepper or Spicy Fish. 

If you miss some of the features of Season 7, you may be happy to hear that the Hunter’s Cloak has been added back into the game as well. This time around, it’ll take less Meat to craft. 

On the map, Steamy Stacks may look a little different thanks to the addition of a large hole. In the Fortnite blog post, an excerpt from Charlotte is shared that teases what the hole at Steamy Stacks might have been caused by. 

“Something weird I noticed: there’s a big hole at Steamy Stacks. Was there an accident on the job? Did something… escape from the ground? 

Could be something for you to investigate.

– Charlotte”

Moving past this, a list of balance changes and a list of bug fixes were provided, which we’ve included for you below.


  • Slipstreams will disable at the final Storm circle in core playlists.

  • Slipstreams will disable at phase 5 of the Storm in competitive playlists.

  • Chug Cannons are no longer available from Loot Llamas. In the Chug Cannons’ place are the spicy Chili Chug Splashes. 

  • In competitive playlists, Sideways Anomalies will despawn earlier than they did previously.

  • The Rail Gun has been removed from competitive playlists.


  • Fixed an issue involving vehicles taking heavy damage when colliding with Mothership wreckage pieces.

  • Fixed an issue involving Donation Boards displaying items in English even when another language was selected.

  • Fixed an issue involving voice chat on Nintendo Switch not connecting to party chat after the player left and rejoined the party.

Competitive notes:

  • Arena Hype has been reset for each player.

  • The Hunter’s Cloak is not included in competitive playlists.

And that’s about it. There’s a lot to process with this update from XP improvements to a mysterious hole at Steamy Stacks, and we’re curious what your thoughts are on all of the updates, fixes, and changes included in the latest Fortnite patch.

Be sure to let us know either in the comments below, or on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter!

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