Epic Games is no stranger when it comes to adding new items into the world of Fortnite Battle Royale. This tendency of adding new items to Fortnite was on full display on Monday, August 26th when Epic Games officially announced that a new Shield Bubble item would be coming soon to the high-profile battle royale title. 

Fortnite Shield Bubble

The reveal of the upcoming arrival of the new Shield Bubble item came by way of the in-game news tab for the game. 

According to the official description of the Fortnite Shield Bubble, the new item "is one bubble that's not easy to burst." 

"Shield yourself from projectiles with this protective dome," the official description of the new item concluded. 

Fortnite Shield Bubble

This new item looks to be a piece of equipment players can use to stop enemy projectiles from hitting their mark. The Fortnite Shield Bubble is the latest new item to be added to the battle royale game following the addition of the Junk Rift. However, the community reception to the Junk Rift was less than stellar. With the adverse reaction of the Junk Rift in mind, it will be fascinating to see how the community reacts to the protective abilities of the new Fortnite Shield Bubble item.