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Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass Details – New Skins and More!

by Josh Hawkins

There’s been a ton of speculation around the latest season of Fortnite’s Battle Royale game, and now that the dust has finally settled. There’s quite a bit to cover here, so let’s dive right into what players can expect out of Fortnite Battle Royale’s Season 4 Battle Pass, including a look at the new skins, items, and more!

What’s New in Season 4?

Season 4 has a lot of changes for players to look forward to experience, and Epic is really at the top of their game when it comes to changing how the game plays. On top of new skins and items, players will also notice a few key changes to the map, which will continue to change the meta of the game entirely.

Map Changes and New Locations

There’s been a massive number of teasers coming out of Epic Games over the past few weeks, and the bright blue comet that we saw slowly making its way to earth at the start of Season 3 has finally landed, making its home where Dusty Depot once sat.

The once action-packed zone is now replaced with a massive crater full of some strange glowing rocks. On top of the destruction of Dusty Depot, players will also notice a new location has appeared along the northeastern part of the map, just above Wailing Woods. This new place is called Risky Reels, and it’s an area you’ll want to explore and get used to. As far as the rest of the map goes, some different areas—including Tilted Towers—have been hit by the meteors, so expect to see leveled buildings and smaller craters all around.

New Skins and Items

You’ll also still have the option to jump ahead 25 levels with the Battle Pass, which will cost you 2800 V-Bucks. If you purchased the Season 3 Battle Pass, then expect to receive another five levels for free, bringing you to Tier 30. If you don’t want to get any kind of head start, then you can purchase the basic Season 4 Battle Pass for just 950 V-Bucks.

This time around there are quite a few skins and other goodies to unlock. Right off the bat, you’ll start with a special Carbide and Battlehawk skin, which will help you get into the superhero theme that Fortnite has taken with Season 4.

There is a slew of new items for you to unlock, far too many for us to go over in one article. But, if you plan on playing Fortnite Battle Royale over the new month, then we highly suggest picking up the Battle Pass to increase the number of goodies that you’ll earn for your work.

New gliders you can look forward to include this one, the Wings of Valor, which is unlocked at Tier 39 of the Battle Pass. New glides are something we didn’t see a whole lot of in last season’s battle pass, so it is really nice to see them making a comeback in the lineup this time around.

As far as new characters go, there are plenty of those, including this sweet looking superhero, Zoey.

As well as this more Wonder-Woman looking character, Valor.

The Battle Pass is also full of all kinds of XP upgrades and V-Buck stashes and players can even look forward to some new jump effects, as well as new spray paint tags that they can paint onto the sides of buildings all around the island.

There’s a lot to look forward to collecting in Fortnite Season 4, and the Battle Pass is one of the best ways to do that. We’ll be sure to show you everything you need to know to complete all the challenges in Fortnite Season 4, so make sure you bookmark our site and check out our Fortnite guides daily for the most up to date information and content.


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