Fortnite is Getting New My Hero Academia Skins and a Special MHA Weapon

It's time to go Plus Ultra again!

Epic Games is at it again with another Fortnite collaboration. The latest crossover doesn’t introduce any new IPs. Instead, it added more characters from the hit anime My Hero Academia, a new limited-time quest, themed weapons, and more.

Starting today, September 12, 2023, you can purchase Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima, and Mina Ashido via the in-game item shop. In addition to the new skins, you’ll be able to use a new limited-time weapon based on Todoroki’s quirk called Ice Wall. As the name suggests, you can summon a giant wall of ice with this weapon.

Ice Wall can be used as a support weapon to help give your cover, but it can also be used when attacking other players. When it’s used around anyone, it’ll knock everyone in its radius and give them icy feet. Don’t worry about Ice Wall disappearing anytime soon because it’ll be here until the end of the season. Players can get a hold of Todoroki’s quirk in several ways. It can be found on the ground, inside regular and rare chests, or from All Might Supply Drops.

In addition to introducing Ice Wall, Deku’s Smash will also be returning to the island. Unlike Ice Wall, the only way to obtain Deku’s Smash is by opening an All Might Supply Drop. Like last time, players will have a new set of quests called “Deku’s Quests and Todoroki’s Quests” to complete. They’ll level up instantly once they complete six of these quests.

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