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Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle Goes Bananas on Switch

by Lucas White

Video games have a long and fruitful history with bananas. Pac-Man eats bananas, Donkey Kong commits war crimes for bananas and someone played Dark Souls with bananas.

Now, you’ll be able to bring Big Banana Energy to the Nintendo Switch, with a new Fortnite-branded Joy-Con bundle.

Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle Goes Bananas on Switch

On June 4, Nintendo will release the Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle. This bundle’s primary component is a new set of Joy-Cons, with the left being a solid blue and the right being a solid yellow, but with an eyeball and a mouth hanging out by the Home button.

Therefore, the right Joy-Con is a banana. The Fortnite banana.

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Anyway, the bundle also includes some digital content for Fortnite fans. You get 500 V-Bucks, a similarly-colored glider and a new pickaxe that seems to have abstained from the banana theme. Nintendo didn’t provide a price yet, but considering it’s a new Joy-Con set you can expect it to cost around the same as all the others.

What do you think about all this, readers? Do you want the Banana-Con, even if you don’t care about Fortnite? Let us know on Prima Games’ Twitter or Facebook feeds.



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