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Fortnite ‘Birds of Prey’ Crossover Event Teased by Warner Bros. and Epic Games

by Liana Ruppert

Move over, Thanos, because it looks like DC is taking over Battle Royale for a little bit. That’s right, it looks like Epic Games is looking to celebrate the upcoming Birds of Prey movie alongside Warner Bros, at least if the recent tease isn’t just some cruel joke. 

While not a full-on confirmation, Warner Bros recently tweeted out a video of the Birds of Prey cast but it was Fortnite’s reply that sparked the crossover interested. In reply to the original Birds of Prey tweet, the Fortnite account immediately replied with a smirking face and a “See you soon Harley!” 

The Warner Bros. account immediately responded to Fortnite’s tweet with a “can’t wait” attached to a kissing face, so yeah … as a Harley fan, I guess you could say I’m pretty jazzed.

Fortnite is no stranger to a solid crossover and the game has proven to be a stomping ground made for literally every property known to man, nothing is off the table. From Stranger things to Star Wars – even in-game concerts with figures like Marshmello, the battle royale adventure knows how to spice things up a bit. 

As for when the Birds of Prey crossover event might occur, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is on the horizon and the movie itself launches on February 7th. Pairing those two juicy tidbits of knowledge together points that this event could be going live very, very soon. 

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