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First Look at Final Fantasy XIV’s New NieR Automata-Inspired Raid

by Liana Ruppert

A huge new update is on the way for Final Fantasy XIV and it’s slated to go live on October 29th. The constantly evolving MMORPG has seen a ton of changes since launch and now it’s getting something that NieR Automata fans can appreciate: a new raid dungeon inspired by the beloved game. 

The new raid inspired by NieR Automata is called the YoRHa Dark Apocalypse alliance raid and it was even designed by Yoko Taro and Tosuke Saito for even more authenticity. This new raid will house 24 players and will task them with conquering the Copied Factory dungeon. It’s dangerous – it wouldn’t be a raid if it weren’t – and will challenge players to take on waves of enemies while discovering the lifeforms seen in the NieR series. 

The team also added about a new dungeon the Grand Cosmos, “Long ago, on the far shore of the Source, a great palace was built by the elves─the Grand Cosmos, an edifice of such magnitude it was said to inspire envy in both the heavens for which it was named and the flowers that pervade its boundless gardens. As with so many wonders of the world that once was, its radiance quickly faded in the wake of the Flood, its halls falling silent, the throne sitting empty. That is, until the palace was given new purpose when a mage claimed it as their sanctuary, their only company being solace, solitude, and the legion of familiars barring entrance to any foolish enough to seek an audience.”

Another really important feature that is on the way is the long-awaited New Game+ mode which will allow players to go back to a new character’s humble beginnings while still keeping their current character and level. 

To read more about what’s on the way for patch 5.1, check out the official Final Fantasy XIV blog post here to learn more about Fellowships, the new raid, and more! 

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