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First Look at Custom Forts In Torchlight III

by Liana Ruppert

News about Torchlight III has been scarce but the team behind the fleshed-out sequel has shared a new video detailing how players can create their own custom fort to do … well, whatever they want! Here’s our first look at the custom forts in Torchlight III. 

Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the biggest craze right now, many gamers are fully into the customizable spirit when it comes to making the game experience feel tailored to the player. That’s exactly what the custom forts offer in Torchlight III. Be the edgy goth lord with graveyard-themed decorations, become a princess with flowers for days, become whatever you want essentially and make the fort what you want it to be and let that inner creative energy loose! And hey, no Tom Nook. 


Forts can be completely customized to a player’s style while allowing adventurers to leave their own unique mark on the world of Torchlight. Treasures found and crafted can be used to customize these forts while also providing a unique hub for players to invite friends over to as well as a different location to progress their characters, change armor sets, and even swap out skills.

For those that may not know, Torchlight III first began as a free-to-play spinoff but has quickly evolved into becoming a true successor to the previous two games that were beloved by many. Created by Runic Games, this fast-paced dungeon crawler keeps getting better and better with each entry and the third game into the franchise is proving to a massive leap for the series as a whole. The third game is also under different creative leadership with Echtra Games taking the helm.

Echtra Games, for those curious about the team behind the latest Torchlight, is a San Fransico-based studio that has names like Diablo’s Max Schaefer, who also co-founded the original Torchlight. Schaefer’s goal is to revive the Torchlight passion with a team equally dedicated to doing this franchise justice. 

The hack-n-slash dungeon crawler has players go toe-to-toe against the undead, goblins, and so many other dangerous Netherim creatures. This game, like other titles similar such as Diablo, can be enjoyed both solo and with friends, though the co-op experience makes it easier to tag up and take on dungeons while finding the best of the best loot found in the world filled with magic, evil, and the desire to overcome. 

Torchlight III doesn’t have a release date yet at this time, though Echtra Games has mentioned that it is still on track for a PC release later this year. Are you excited for the customizable forts in Torchlight III? Sound off with what you love most about this series over on Twitter @PrimaGames and tell us all about it!