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Blizzard Reveals How Diablo IV Will Be Different From Diablo III

by Liana Ruppert

Diablo IV was officially revealed during BlizzCon last month and the return of Lilith shook the community in a big way. The reveal trailer was gruesome, it was gorey, and it was oh so perfect for the franchise. With a few more class reveals on the way, many fans of the franchise are wondering exactly what the latest experience will bring and how it will differ from Diablo III. 

Game Director Luis Barriga recently sat down with the team over at AusGamers to talk a little more about Diablo IV and what it will bring to the table. According to Barriga, “We have those moments where we play with the perspective a little bit to either show you a landmark or a vista and stuff like that,” Barriga said. “And then when it comes to a World Boss, we zoom out the camera out quite a distance to put you in the same space with 12 other players. That will be rare in the live game, but we included it in the demo to ensure everyone got to see it.”

Regarding the changes made from Diablo III, he added “We’ve added a lot of animation technology. Blending animation and having stop animations and having different animations make the movement feel very different than Diablo III. It’s all increasing the resolution. And in action it makes the movement but feel more fluid, with stuff like character turns looking better than ever.”

Are you excited for Diablo IV and all of its animation changes, or is the recent Hong Kong controversy too much to overlook when looking at the future ahead with Blizzard? Sound off with your thoughts and what you’re most excited for over on Twitter @PrimaGames! In the meantime, enjoy the Diablo IV gameplay footage below against Ashava

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