With all this talk revolving around Halo 4 and the company’s casual channels for Xbox Live, we almost forgot that Microsoft was actually in the process of releasing a brand new Forza game this fall!  Today it served us a hefty reminder that the game is still coming with the introduction of a trailblazing new screenshot.

In the screenshot, you get an idea of the approach that Playground Games is taking with Forza Horizon with a spruced-up 2013 SRT Dodge Viper racing through what appears to be a canyon at top speed.  Though there really isn’t much to tell about the game outside of that, you’ll notice some of the details in the screenshot, like how reflections actually gleam off the car’s surface.  That shows the devotion that Playground is putting into the game.

More than likely, Microsoft will have this game front and center at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in just a few weeks time, as well as an integral part of its upcoming press conference.  We’ll have more details for you at that time.

We just hope it lives up to the experience that Turn 10 Studios has crafted so far with Forza Motorsport 3 and 4.  Fingers crossed!