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Final Fantasy VIII Remaster Revealed, Coming To All Platforms Including Nintendo Switch

by Liana Ruppert

Final Fantasy VIII is back and better than ever thanks to the recent reveal of the latest remake from Square Enix during this year’s E3. Though impressive, don’t expect it to be quite to the Final Fantasy VII Remake standard, but it looks incredible nonetheless. 

For fans, this news, despite its leaks, was a huge surprise most notably because of it being non-existent in the recent Nintendo Switch line-up. Lo and behold, the team was just busy making the experience even better with a remake. Check out the gameplay below to see it in action: 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date at this time, though just knowing it’s on the way is pretty darn exciting. 

For more about the game, for those that missed out on this particular adventure the first time around: 

“It is a time of war. Galbadia, a Global Superpower, has declared war on Dollet, a country whose training academy is home to two personalities: the hot-headed Seifer and the ‘lone wolf’, Squall Leonhart. Both are equally at conflict with each other as their country is with Galbadia; to others, Squall appears lacking in team spirit, while Seifer lacks the discipline of his rival. However, a chance encounter with the free-spirited Rinoa Heartilly turns Squall’s universe upside down; having thrived on discipline, Squall find the carefree Rinoa fascinating. He also begins to dream that he is Laguna Loire, a Galbadian army soldier…

“Meanwhile, a sorceress manipulates the most powerful men in Galbadia. Will Squall and his party succeed in defeating this maniacal sorceress and saving their world? What part does the mysterious Laguna play? Only you can decide what happens next, as the greatest Role Playing Adventure of all time returns…”


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