Sometimes, games can be worth the wait.  

Take Fez, the independent action/adventure game long in production over at Polytron.  It almost seemed like it would never come out, running into delays and setbacks and capped off by a long wait through Microsoft certification.  

That pained us, as we’ve seen impressive videos of the game, and heard the developers talking about it in Indie Game: The Movie.  The wait would almost seem strenuous to us.

We are proud to say that wait has finally ended!  Fez has arrived on Xbox Live Arcade today in all its screen-shifting glory, and you can buy it now for $10.  If you’re a fan of retro platformers or just want something innovative and new to play on your system, this is definitely the game.

Fez revolves around a little hero named Gomez, who finds himself becoming an unexpected savior of the world when it rips apart, forcing him to collect cubes and explore new areas to try and put it back together.  The game leans heavily on exploration, but is incredibly fun to play, and its 2D/3D visual engine is probably one of the best you’ll see in a downloadable game, despite the small install space (like around 300 MB).

Don’t hesitate to check this game out.  Sooooo good.  And the classic game references?  Priceless.  Open up a treasure chest and you’ll see.