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Fear Effect Sedna is Coming to PC and Consoles in March

by Larryn Bell

Today, French studio Sushee and publisher Square Enix Collective announced that Fear Effect Sedna, the sequel to Fear Effect, will launch on PC and consoles in March. The original writer has returned to co-write Fear Effect Sedna, an entirely new chapter in the series. 

Fear Effect Sedna is a third-person isometric game that splices animated cutscenes between tactical combat, stealth, and puzzle solving mechanics. The beloved characters Hana, Rain, Deke, and Glas will return for the adventure, this time heading deep into Inuit mythology to uncover its mysteries.  

Fear Effect Sedna Release Date

Fear Effect utilizes a special adrenaline mechanic that allows players to control multiple characters. “Each character has different special weapons and the game includes a paused tactical mode to control different team members at the same time and give orders to work as a team,” said Benjamin Anseaume, Founder of Sushee. “It’s an approach that taps into the core structure of the original games but, with the technology available to us today, feels very 2018.” 

Players who are unfamiliar with the Fear Effect franchise can also prepare for Fear Effect Reinvented, a remastered version of the original game that is also being developed by Sushee for PC and consoles and will release sometime this year.

Fear Effect Sedna will release for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on Tuesday, March 6. For a quick look at what the new Fear Effect has in store, check out the Fear Effect Sedna announcement trailer above.

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