Fast 9 Trailer Shows John Cena and Vin Diesel’s Ultimate Brother Drama

Gotta go Fast

The latest trailer for Fast 9 has just been released. It’s as over-the-top as you’d expect with a little side of truly insane. Fans have been waiting for this movie for quite some time now and the wait is only a little longer. Fast 9 will be in theaters on June 25!

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Fast 9 Trailer Shows John Cena and Vin Diesel’s Ultimate Brother Drama 

It’s hard to explain exactly what is going on in the trailer other than the fact that there’s a lot of testosterone and explosions. Vin Diesel and family are back, but this time it’s more personal than it’s ever been. Dominick Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) brother has shown up and wants vengeance. His brother played by none other than John Cena really ups the action.

At one point in the trailer, we see John Cena carry Vin and clips his head through the top of a doorway completely ripping it off. 

The trailer also ends with a flying car that looks like it’s being held together with duct tape? We’re not really sure what to expect from this summer’s big blockbuster film, but it does not seem like it will disappoint. 

You can watch the full trailer below. Get your family around and crack some Corona’s because Fast 9 is approaching, well, fast!

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