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Fallout Vault Boy Joins the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster As New Mii Costume

by Liana Ruppert

Sure, ARMS is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but what about that Vault Boy from Fallout!? In a very surprising move and done in a very sly way, Nintendo has confirmed that Vault Boy from the Fallout series from Bethesda is officially joining the fight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, at least as a new Mii Costume. 

During the most recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate showcase, the upcoming ARMS DLC was announced, including more about Spirit Rematches, new moves, and different Mii Costumes. The ARMS love continues with the Mii cosmetics, but what is truly awesome, at least for Fallout fans, is that Vault Boy is one of those new costumes revealed. 

Other Mii costumes confirmed to be on the way include Ninjara from Arms, Heihachi from Tekken, Callie and Marie from Splatoon, and, of course, Vault Boy from Fallout. While it’s not an entirely new hero (we’re still holding on to our shredded hope of Master Chief ever joining Smash), it’s an awesome touch that shows how much Nintendo has leaned into their promise of more third-party love following the Switch’s launch. With so many Bethesda titles on the hybrid console, it makes sense then that the mainstay Nintendo franchise would pay some of that love back. 

Nintendo has quite a few more surprises up their sleeve when it comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its future. They’ve already shown that the sky is the limit when it comes to which fighters fans can expect, which basically means anything goes! 

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The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Challenger Pack 6 arrives on June 29th for $5.99. What other Mii costumes would you like to see added to the fighting game from Nintendo? Join in on the conversation over on Twitter @PrimaGames! Be sure to also check out our Smash hub here for more about today’s reveal and what’s on the horizon for the hit brawler!