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Fallout 76 Trailer Explains How to Get Nuclear Codes

by Larryn Bell

Today, Bethesda released a new animated instructional video that teaches survivors how to obtain nuclear launch codes for those who wish to unleash powerful nuclear missiles across the wasteland. Titled “Atomics for Peace,” the trailer marks the end of the You Will Emerge series of educational Vault-Tec videos leading up to the launch of Fallout 76. 

“When you emerge from the comfort and safety of your vault, the world you know will have changed,” explains the video. “The time has come to seek out greater means of protection: nuclear armaments.”

The trailer continues by delving into the steps for acquiring codes for your own nuclear launch sequence. Players can team up with other survivors to obtain a full code and wreak havoc on the wasteland. Doing so comes at a cost, however, as launching nuclear missiles can give rise to new threats. 

Launching nukes is certainly at the top of our list of priorities for Fallout 76. Check out the trailer above along with the previous videos in the series to prepare yourself for when the time comes to emerge from your shelter on November 14. The Fallout 76 beta starts in October, so make sure to sign up for the beta ahead of time to get in on the post-apocalyptic action.

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