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Fall Guys Anti-Cheat Coming Soon

by Liana Ruppert

We’re about to BIG YEETUS those cheaters, boys because Fall Guys anti-cheat is coming soon. Though there is a detection system currently in place, it hasn’t done enough to combat the rampant cheaters seen during various matches. And honestly, if you cheat at a game like this? Get help. 

The Fall Guys team took to the game’s official Twitter account to promise an expansion to their current anti-cheat measures coming soon. They also mentioned that the same anti-cheat program used in Fortnite is also on the way in the coming weeks: 

The “big update” doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s good to see it coming soon. This battle royale game plays very much like the mini-games in Mario Galaxy and because of that, draws a lot of streamers and children alike. Because of the wide variety in the player-base, those who cheat really impact the game and since only one can win, this trend severely limits the joy of claiming that crown. 

A common cheat seen in Fall Guys is the speed cheat, a hack that makes the character move so fast that they are basically invulnerable to a lot of the PvE elements meant to throw those jelly beans off-course. The speed hack also makes the character faster than all others, obviously, giving a glaring leg-up in terms of competition. 

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Basically, if you cheat in any game you’re pretty sad but to cheat in a game like this that is meant to be just pure fun? Maybe rethink how much you actually enjoy playing these titles and maybe pick up a book instead. 

So anyway, Fall Guys is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Cheaters and all. 

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