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Fall Guys Adding a Sonic the Hedgehog Skin

by Morgan Shaver

During a Fall Guys livestream event, Mediatonic revealed a new costume skin that’s equal parts adorable and hilarious. Based around everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog, the Sonic the Hedgehog skin won’t make you go any faster, but it will help you look like a real mean bean machine. 

Fall Guys Adding a Sonic the Hedgehog Skin

With the rollout of Season 2 in Fall Guys, we’ve seen a number of fun cosmetic skins pop up from knights and dragons to one that looks exactly like social media guru @OliverAge24.

We’ve never seen something quite like the Sonic skin, though.

The Fall Guys’ version of Sonic the Hedgehog comes as part of collaboration between Mediatonic and Sega, and as you can see in the image above, it looks exactly as you’d expect it to look.

All of the physical features you’d associate with Sonic are there right down to his red shoes. However, there are a few comedic differences that we can’t help but want to point out.

First, given this is Fall Guys, you retain your round, wobbly, bean-based structure while wearing the Sonic the Hedgehog skin. You basically look like Sonic in Big Chungus form. 

You won’t be able to tap into any Sonic skills while wearing this skin either. Even with the complete Sonic set, you remain as slow and unbalanced as all the other stumble chums you’re competing against. 

Watching an egg-shaped creature that looks like Sonic stumble through obstacle courses is something we never thought we’d see, that’s for sure.

Another strange thing about the Sonic skin is that it’s shown as a two-piece outfit. The pieces don’t blend together so you get a line around the center that makes it look like you’ve skinned Sonic and cut him into a sweater and a pair of pants.

Each piece will cost you five crowns, meaning you’ll need ten crowns to get the full Sonic the Hedgehog set. If you’re only able to get the top half don’t worry because mixing and matching half-Sonic with other skins is endlessly entertaining. 

Personally, we feel like the example of Sonic wearing pants as shown in the image above from the stream on Mediatonic’s Twitch channel looks better than the complete set. 

If we’ve sold you on the idea and you want to purchase the Sonic the Hedgehog skin, it’ll be available in the Fall Guys store starting tomorrow, October 14. 

Being a bit more serious, the Sonic the Hedgehog skin is undeniably cool and we’re really looking forward to the opportunity to scoop it up once it’s available in the store on October 14.

Who knows, the skin may even be the push we need to step up our game in Fall Guys and get more crowns. 

Our Sonic bean is counting on us, we can’t let them down. 

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