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Extended Ghost of Tsushima Cinematic Trailer Revealed At The Game Awards 2019

by Liana Ruppert

When Sony revealed Ghost of Tsushima, millions of gamers were instantly enthralled by its captivating story, lore-heavy narrative, and swift combat. The upcoming title instantly thrust fans into a world of epic Samurai tales, not unlike traditional Japanese films. Now we’ve got an even closer look at what the game will have to offer with a stunning new trailer. And unlike what my phone would like me to believe, this isn’t Ghosts of Sashimi. 

According to Sucker Punch, the team behind the game:

“In this story, Jin fights alongside another samurai—a deadly onna-bugeisha named Masako. They joined forces to save their homeland from the Mongol invaders, but Masako’s tragic personal history drives a wedge in her relationship with Jin. As you’ve seen, this ends up forcing them into a duel at the end of the experience.

Masako and her story are one of many side characters and quests that form the fabric of Ghost of Tsushima. These characters will play important parts in Jin’s main storyline, but most of them will also have side quests and stories for you to explore. In fact, the demo you just watched is part of Masako’s storyline, a side adventure off the game’s main path.”

Liana Ruppert

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