Come August 14th many of you will happily fall prey to the allure of the long-awaited Darksiders sequel. Congratulations, you’re in for a treat. What you may not now know, however, is that while you eagerly look forward to Darksiders II, we’re currently hard at work on all Darksiders II official strategy products. We’ve worked very closely with THQ to come up with some exciting content that is sure to make all Darksiders II fans happy. 

Included in our Darksiders II Prima Official Game Guide, Prima Official eGuide, and Prima Official eGuide on Steam, is an exclusive DLC weapon available only through purchase of the guide!

Feast your eyes on Fletcher’s Crow Hammer; a Possessed weapon that increases in level and changes attributes depending on the different types of items you feed it. Yes, a weapon that eats other weapons.

“Bludgeon your foes with the Fletcher's Crow Hammer. Please note this item is not included in Season Pass, which only includes the Maker Armor Set, The Abyssal Forge, and The Demon Lord Belial.”

Watch the video of Fletcher's Crow Hammer in action!

Possessed weapon details:

  • Fletcher’s Crow Hammer starts at level 5.
  • Fletcher's Crow Hammer is acquired through the in-game Tome system.
  • Possessed weapons can level up by being fed other weapons.
  • Possessed weapons can take on the properties of the weapons being fed to them. For example, if it is fed a weapon that deals lightning damage, the possessed weapon can have that trait.
  • Possessed weapons are the most powerful items in the game depending on what weapons you feed them. The more powerful items you feed it, the more powerful it becomes.  So you’ll want to feed it high quality weapon over a low quality weapon. 

In order to acquire Fletcher’s Crow Hammer (available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Steam platforms), all you need to do is purchase the Darksiders II Prima Official Guide wherever games are sold, purchase the Darksiders II Prima Official eGuide on our web site, or purchase it on Steam. Every Prima Official Guide or eGuide contains a unique code to unlock your weapon.

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