EVO, the competitive gaming tournament set to take place in Las Vegas at the (in?)famous Caesar’s Palace between July 8th and 6th, will be offering a pay-per-view HD stream.

Organizers have explained that there will be a free option for those not wanting to pay for the premium HD stream, and that it’ll be a bigger offering than last year (three streams). Two of the streams will look at tournament play while another will portray panels and give viewers a feel for the expo. If you’d like to sign up for the PpV stream than take your browser over here.

"In 2012 the free stream will have the same quality and even more content as our 2011 stream! But for those who can afford it, the HD option is a great way for viewers to support the spirit of Evo and get a little something back in return," explained EVO co-founder and Shoryuken.compresident Tom "inkblot" Cannon on the official site.

In what we consider to be a pretty cool move, all proceeds generated by the stream will go to founding an annual $10,000 EVO college scholarship for those pursuing degrees in the games industry.

"We believe strongly in the positive power of gaming, and want to help show that gaming can be a gateway to a fulfilling life-long profession, not just a fun pastime," explained Cannon.

The creator of the incredibly difficult and free I Wanna Be The Guy, Kayin, will be attending EVO with the intention of showing off his upcoming content. If you’ve never played IWBTG then have a go if you think you’re hard enough. It is solid, solid as a rock, so much so that it inspired the harder Super Meat Boy levels.

If you want a hint of the upcoming challenges Kayin has in store then have a look at the YouTube embed below, but be wary of the language.

Kayin broke the news that I Wanna Be the Guy: Gaiden is to be released within a week of the EVO tournament on PC: "get ready for a set of three levels and a future of IWBTG episodic content."