Epic Games has been making waves ever since they revealed their own client to compete with that of Valve's Steam. Like Steam, the Epic Games Store is offering a host of deals for PC gamers to enjoy. Even better, they're offering more than just savings, they're offering price matches too to help developers, in addition to sales of pre-purchasable games - which is practically unheard of. 

The Epic Games Mega Sale kicks off on May 16th and runs until June 13sth. The true kicker is what the company added next in a recent blog post, "During the Epic Mega Sale, developers and publishers are discounting a ton of great games up to 75% off. Also, for every game purchase $14.99 and above, Epic Games provides an additional $10 off to you at no cost to the publisher or developer."

Borderlands 3 is also up for pre-order for 10 bucks off with no penalty to the developers, as well as other pre-order only items like the John Wick Hex game and Hades. It's certainly an incredible deal and makes it much more than a simple deal. This also shows the core difference between Epic and Valve. 

While Valve has tons of more features, Epic did reveal a road map that says most of those same features are on the way. But the difference between the two is how developers are treated. Epic Games gives them a much bigger cut of all profits and even the sales benefit the studios more, as seen above. 

The sale is officially live now for those curious, there are certainly enough deals to go around