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The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Announced

by Prima Games Staff

With The Elder Scrolls Online just a few months away from release, Bethesda has prepped a special edition package for the game that fans won’t get enough of.

Dubbed the Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition, the game comes with a plethora of goodies, including a 12′ Molag Bal statue, a collector’s edition box, a map of Tamriel and a special edition 224-page guide, dubbed the Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel.

Various online goodies will also be available for redemption, including a mudcrab vanity pet, a special white imperial horse, rings of mara and the ability to play as an Imperial in any Alliance of your choosing. 

Pricing hasn’t been revealed just yet, but $100-$130 would be about the right price range.

The Elder Scrolls Online will release for PC this April, and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in June.

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